11 Best Memorial Day Mattress Sales (2023): Hybrid, All-Foam, and Buying Advice

If you’ve ever shopped for mattresses, you know the prices vary from barely affordable to the cost of a used car, and like a used car, you can almost always get one for less. Mattresses are intentionally marked up so that their frequent—and sometimes permanent—sales seem a lot more enticing. 

We track the prices of all our favorite mattresses during the year, and these are the ones actually available for less than their usual cost. All prices are for queen-size mattresses. Be sure to check out our Best Mattresses and Best Organic Mattress guides for more info on each bed.

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Do You Want a Hybrid or an All-Foam Mattress?

First, decide if you want a hybrid or an all-foam mattress. We prefer hybrids, which are made up of hundreds of individually wrapped springs and multiple layers of memory foam. All-foam beds use many layers of thick memory foam and no coils. Both kinds come rolled up in a shippable box. Hybrids tend to be more supportive, and also more expensive. 

It’s worth noting that most new mattresses don’t need to be paired with box springs like the old ones you’re used to. You just need a slatted base.  

Deals on Our Top Mattress Picks

Helix Midnight Luxe Hybrid Mattress

Photograph: Helix Sleep

This deal is $20 less than last Memorial Day and matches the sale price we saw on Presidents’ Day. The Helix Midnight Luxe is very expensive, but it has reigned supreme in our mattress guide since we started testing in 2019. It has a plush cushion top but a medium-firm feel, so you should be comfortable in most sleeping positions. Enter code MEMORIALDAY25 at checkout to see this discount, which includes two pillows.

The Alsswell Supreme is as comfy as the $2,000 mattresses we tried, with soft, side-sleeping support. It was the only one our tester’s pregnant partner wanted to sleep on during her third trimester. That 15 percent off reduces the price of the cheaper Allswell Hybrid Mattress to $322 ($57 off). It’s a medium-firm option with nice edge support for you or a cheap way to outfit a guest room. Allswell is made by Walmart, and the base price is usually cheaper there, but this deal brings the prices down even further. Text DREAMBIG to 61652 to get a code for 15 percent off an already affordable mattress. 

My Green Mattress Kiwi Organic Hybrid Mattress

Photograph: My Green Mattress

The price of this mattress has risen, so the sale price isn’t as good as we’ve seen. Still, if you need a twin mattress for your kids, we like this one made from certified organic cotton, wool, and latex. It’s cheaper than buying a twin size from our top organic mattress pick, the $1,399 Avocado. Enter code REMEMBER at checkout to see this discount. 

More Great Hybrid Mattress Deals

Tuft & Needle Mint Mattress

Photograph: Tuft and Needle

The Mint mattress has a top layer of foam that you’ll sink into, but it still provides solid pressure relief and will spring back into shape when you get up. You won’t find a Norma Bates-esque shape when you get back into bed at night. This is priced lower than last year’s sale and matches the price we saw on Labor Day. 

Casper is probably the most popular name in the bed-in-a-box category, and this hybrid is a perfect balance of soft and supportive. Our tester says this is the bed to get if you simply can’t decide. This is the lowest price we’ve tracked for Casper’s Hybrid mattress. Even the base price has actually dropped, which is unusual for beds. 

This is the mattress I’m currently sleeping on. It’s perfectly comfortable and a much-needed improvement on my old innerspring mattress, but the bottom edge has no support.

DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress

Photograph: DreamCloud Sleep

This mattress has a thick, luxurious pillow top that’s similar to the Helix Midnight Luxe and Allswell Supreme. This bed was discounted to $999 last year, but it has been at $899 for the past few months. For $129 more, you can add two pillows, a sheet set, and a mattress cover. 

The website makes it seem like this bed is closer to $400 off than $67, but it’s always $999 or less from Walmart and Amazon. Still, it’s a great bed with three firmness levels to choose from—firm is very firm, according to our tester—and it has held up well over the years. Enter code MEMORIAL30 to see this discount at checkout. 

More All-Foam Mattress Deals

Photograph: Purple

Purple’s mattress has dropped this low before, but it doesn’t stay here, so this is a good time to grab it. Like Casper, Purple is another well-known mattress brand, thanks to its unique waffley Jell-O-like grid that gives its beds comfortable, soft support.  

We found Casper’s hybrid bed to be much more comfortable than this one, but this is still a great option. We have seen it for cheaper, though—it dropped to around $900 in March.

WIRED reviewer Matt Jancer said this was a perfectly fine mattress for side sleeping. It’s also pretty sustainable; Keetsa uses recycled plastic bottles and foam made without ozone depleters or flame-retardants. Enter code SNOOZE at checkout to see the discount. 

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