A first look at the new Starfield Xbox Series X wraps

Microsoft has created custom limited edition Xbox consoles for years, but it’s now offering up a way to customize your existing Xbox Series X console without having to buy a new one. The new Xbox Series X wraps were announced last week, with a Starfield-branded version arriving in October, followed by camo editions in November. I’ve been trying out the Starfield one.

The Xbox Series X wrap folds down neatly into a package that’s the width of the console, and when attached will cover all the sides fully with the exception of the rear. It feels very similar to Microsoft’s Surface Pro keyboards: soft to touch, thin, and lightweight. The wrap fits snugly around an Xbox Series X and is held in place by velcro at the rear.

Microsoft hasn’t covered up the all-important vents at the rear of the Xbox Series X, nor the rear ports and expansion slot, so they’re all still easily accessible. Even the front USB port has a little label, with an “insert media” label for the disc drive.

The amount of detail on the Starfield version is impressive, with the system-on-a-chip clearly marked at the side, along with the fan, copper vapor chamber, power supply, and even the full Xbox Series X specs.

The Xbox Series X wrap folds down neatly.
Photo by Tom Warren / The Verge

There are a lot of Starfield-inspired touches here, including the colorful ribbon around the power button and the internal soft grey fabric. It’s tastefully done, and doesn’t need Starfield logos in your face to make it feel like it fits with Bethesda’s game.

This first Starfield-branded Xbox Series X wrap will launch on October 18th, priced at $49.99. Microsoft will also sell two camo patterns starting November 10th. There’s a gray option or a blue “mineral” version, which both match the existing Arctic and Mineral Camo controllers.

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