Command & Conquer is getting another mobile game

The Command & Conquer series is getting another mobile game. The new title, Command & Conquer: Legions, offers a “reimagined storyline,” a “new approach to strategy gameplay” that “opens endless strategic possibilities,” and includes “iconic heroes and villains, factions, and a vast array of units” from the series, according to a blog post.

Legions is set to launch later this year on iOS and Android. There will be a closed beta test on Android that kicks off this month in Australia, Canada, France, Mexico, New Zealand, and the Philippines.

Legions isn’t the first Command & Conquer mobile title. EA launched the more cartoony Command & Conquer: Rivals in 2018, but that game was last updated on the App Store and Google Play in September 2019. Hopefully, Legions works out better than some of EA’s other recent mobile efforts; in January, it announced that it would be shutting down Apex Legends Mobile in May and halting development on a Battlefield mobile game.

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