Early Prime Day Kindle Deals (October 2023)


Amazon took its Prime Day event from a single day to several days to, now, several days several times per year. The next one, Prime Big Deal Days, starts October 10 and runs through the next day. Amazon’s own devices go on sale all the time, but Prime Day is still the best time to score a Kindle deal, or significant savings on Fire TV Sticks, Echos, Fire tablets, and the like.

The event usually brings the lowest prices of the year to Amazon hardware. Most Amazon deals are available exclusively to Amazon Prime members, but there’s a chance that other retailers will price-match Amazon’s own discounts. We likely won’t see deals like this again until around Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and even then, these prices may be cheaper. 

You can also check out all of the Amazon Device Prime Day Deals on the dedicated store page. 

Updated September 2023: There aren’t any early Kindle sales happening just yet, but we’ve added some price predictions below.

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Kindle e-readers are hard to beat. They’re easy to use, they’re dependable, and they work as intended. They can hold thousands of books, and the battery lasts for weeks at a time. They can also make reading fun again. If you want to explore more options than those listed below, be sure to check out our Best Amazon Kindles guide.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite.

Photograph: Amazon

Last Prime Day, we saw the Kindle Paperwhite (8/10, WIRED Recommends), our favorite Kindle, dip to $95 ($55 off). That’s the lowest price we’ve tracked for it. It has all the features the average Kindle user could want. The battery lasts for weeks, there’s a warm backlight for easier nighttime reading, and recharging is handled via USB-C. If you want the Signature Edition, which boasts more storage, wireless charging, and auto-adjusting lighting, expect to pay around $125 ($65 off).

This is the smallest and cheapest Kindle and it dipped to $65 ($35 off) during July’s event. The 6-inch screen might be too little for some readers, but if you hate holding tablets with one hand, the smaller size could be a benefit and not a nuisance. Note that this Kindle is not waterproof, and the backlight doesn’t have warmth or automatic adjustment.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Kids Edition.

Photograph: Amazon

This is the best Kindle for kids, and if this sale matches July’s, you’ll get it for $105 ($65 off). It’s waterproof and has a warm backlight that can make reading in the dark easier. The warm backlight is also a great feature when it comes to bedtime reading since there’ll be less blue light being beamed directly into your kiddo’s eyeballs. The Kindle includes a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+, which is an age-appropriate content library that has built-in parental controls. You’ll also get a protective case and a two-year no-questions-asked replacement guarantee. If your kid runs over their e-reader with a dirtbike or throws it out the window, Amazon will send you a new one. 

The Kindle Scribe (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is the first Kindle that lets you write on it like a regular notebook, which makes it our favorite Kindle for taking notes. This model even comes with the premium pen, and 64 gigabytes of storage inside an enormous 10.2-inch screen. You don’t need to spend this kind of money unless you really think you’ll use the writing feature, but it will likely be around $320 ($100 off).

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