Elon Musk says Twitter will soon only offer dark mode because it’s ‘better in every way’


Just when you think Elon Musk can’t get any more divisive, he’s weighed in on the light mode versus dark mode debate — and Twitter, currently undergoing a rebranding to X, is apparently going all in on the latter. Early this morning, Musk posted that “this platform will soon only have ‘dark mode’. It is better in every way.”

That immediately brought about the usual responses that you might expect, with several people making the case that light text on black can be harder to read. Many are asking Twitter to preserve a light mode option even if it switches to dark mode as the default for X’s new design identity.

As someone whose phone only enters dark mode in the rarest of circumstances, that seems like the right path to me. All those apps that dynamically adjust to light or dark based on your current OS setting? This is the way. But I know some strong proponents of full-time dark mode, and that seems to be the direction Musk is leaning.

Twitter currently offers a few different background options based on a user’s individual preference: there’s light mode, a “dim” setting with a dark blue / gray background, and “lights out” that’s full-on black.

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