From the ‘Too Many Cooks’ guy, it’s Star Trek: very Short Treks!

CBS Studios just announced Star Trek: very Short Treks, a set of five animated shorts from Casper Kelly (the “Too Many Cooks” guy). The first of them will debut this Friday — Star Trek Day — in honor of the 50th anniversary of Star Trek: The Animated Series. You can catch the (brief) trailer below.

The shorts will feature characters from The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, The Original Series, Discovery, and The Lower Decks. Animation styles visible in the trailer run the gamut from “indistinguishable from The Animated Series” to “just the regular Lower Decks style.”

After the first episode (“Skin a Cat”) launches Friday, the rest will follow on Wednesdays, starting on September 13th; they’ll stream on and the Star Trek YouTube channel.

Notably not listed in the announcement but present in the trailer and our hearts: Neelix. Oh, Neelix.

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