Google reveals Pixel Fold early in new NBA ad


Footage of the Pixel Fold has appeared in a YouTube ad ahead of its anticipated announcement at Google I/O later today. As reported by 9to5Google, the unlisted YouTube video features numerous NBA stars and multiple close-up shots of the upcoming Pixel Fold in everyday use.

Titled “Google Pixel x NBA: The Greatest Watch Party,” the link was shared in a tweet posted by the official Google Pixel account last night. It seems Google published the link prematurely as the tweet teasingly instructed readers to “check back in tomorrow.” That said, the tweet also includes a picture of MVP Joel Embiid clearly holding the Pixel Fold, so probably best to not think too hard about it.

Alongside showcasing the Pixel Fold from a variety of angles, the video also demonstrates a few of its capabilities. We see plenty of hinge (and bezel) action, displaying the Fold closed, fully open, and placed on a desk partially open at a 90-degree angle. A simulated video call featuring Giannis Antetokounmpo also demonstrates how the camera feed can seamlessly switch between the internal and external displays.

The video doesn’t give us any information on the Pixel Fold’s specifications. Trusted leaker Roland Quandt claims that the inner display of the device is a 7.6-inch (2208×1840, 379 ppi) OLED, and the outer display is a 5.8-inch (2092×1080, 408 ppi) OLED.

The NBA has a fairly established relationship with Google. Last year the search giant created the Pixel Arena — a virtual stadium where users can experience the NBA — and the 2023 NBA Playoffs are “presented by Google Pixel.” Google has also collaborated with the basketball association on previous advertisements, having released a similar promotional video for the Pixel 7 back in October.

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