HubSpot earnings: Monetizing generative AI

Enterprise software companies aren’t wasting any time integrating generative AI into their products. Despite the relatively recent explosion in interest around large language models built by companies like OpenAI and Anthropic, tech companies big and small are charging into baking the technology into their products and services.

You’ve seen the headlines by now: Slack is working on AI tooling; Anthropic is building a version of its own LLM for use inside of the corporate chat service; Box is working with generative AI tooling, and so is Ada. And Microsoft’s Bing just ripped the waitlist off its chat product. Corporate excitement for this new system of user-software interaction and user-directed creativity is widespread, and more examples are cropping up.

On Wednesday, HubSpot CEO Yamini Rangan told investors during the company’s earnings call that generative AI is going to “rapidly” change the business landscape.

Rangan detailed why HubSpot would prove a useful hub for generative AI to accelerate work, arguing that it has “unique data and broad distribution” while residing in the “center of [its] customers’ workflows.”

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