LG’s suitcase TV is as sturdy as it is bizarre

We had a poke around the demo model being displayed on the show floor, and couldn’t find any of the games that are apparently optimized for its touchscreen. But we were able to get acquainted with its robust articulating design. The TV can be swiveled from portrait into landscape, and set at any angle from straight upwards to straight forwards.

The stand mechanism feels nice and sturdy, and you definitely need two hands to move it around. On the back there’s a single HDMI port and USB input, as well as a power socket for its built-in battery (LG advertises around three hours of battery life). There’s even a small cubby built into the suitcase for storing the TV’s remote when the screen is packed away, and the whole device weighs around 30lbs. It’s display is a 1080p LCD panel, which looked pretty unremarkable next to LG’s swanky 4K OLEDs.

The TV is currently available for preorder on LG’s US site, with an estimated ship date of October 16th.

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