Netflix is making it easier to find saved shows and movies you still haven’t watched

Netflix is making improvements to its My List feature so that you can more easily sort through the shows and movies you’ve bookmarked. Starting first on Android, you’ll be able to filter your list by movies, TV shows, “Haven’t Started,” “Started,” and sort by options like when you added something to your list, release dates, and alphabetically, Netflix spokesperson Layal Brown tells The Verge.

The new tools should be really handy. Depending on how much of a bookmarker you might be (welcome to the club!), the sorting options could be a really clutch way to sift through the potentially many things you’ve added to the list. Brown says this will roll out first on Android beginning Monday, and it will come to iOS over “the next few weeks.”

You can see what the updated My List screen will look like in these two screenshots provided by Netflix:

Netflix is also adding a “Coming Soon” row to the homescreen on the TV version of its app, which could be a useful tool to learn when new shows and movies are on the way that you might like. You’ll also be able to ask to get a reminder when a specific show or movie is available. With some potentially big new stuff like Black Mirror’s sixth season and the first chunk of The Witcher’s third season on the way, there might be a lot of things you want to set the reminder bell for.

A screenshot of Netflix’s “Coming Soon” row on its TV app.
Image: Netflix

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