Nothing rolls out Nothing OS 2.0 to Phone 1 devices


Nothing’s Phone 1 got a major OS update, bringing software parity between the company’s first device and its latest Phone 2. Nothing officially announced the Nothing OS 2.0 release on Discord, letting owners of the Phone 1 know that “exciting new features, enhanced customization, and improved functionality” are coming to the early adopters.

As covered last week, this Nothing OS 2.0 update is based on Android 13, which is what currently ships on Nothing’s latest device. Nothing also has a beta OS release that runs atop Android 14, which works on Phone 1.

Nothing OS 2.0 for Phone 1 includes the “monochromatic visual identity” the company has heavily leaned into for its latest device. It includes new Quick Settings widgets that let you flip switches, like shutting off the rear Glyph lights when you’re in a theater. There’s also the new “essential” Glyph notifications where designated important alerts will keep persistent lights lit up on the rear.

Phone 1 owners will also get the Clone app feature that lets you run two instances of the same app on a single device. The Nothing OS 2.0 update is rolling out now to Phone 1 users, which can be checked by going to Settings > System > System Update. In the US, officially, the new Nothing Phone 2 is the way to experience the company’s Android skin, as the Nothing Phone 1 did not get a direct US release.

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