Roblox Builds Out Its Metaverse Vision With Video Chat


Michael Calore: I can’t even imagine. I literally cannot even imagine. So bitters and soda.

Lauren Goode: That’s a good one.

Michael Calore: It’s a great little lifehack, and as I’ve been getting older, I’ve been deploying it more.

Lauren Goode: Thank you, Mike. Is that what you drank before the last time you ran that road race?

Michael Calore: It is. Yeah.

Lauren Goode: Huh?

Michael Calore: Yeah. I drink it often, even at home now. I do bitters and soda at home now. It’s great.

Lauren Goode: Nice, all right.

Michael Calore: It’s a fun lifehack.

Lauren Goode: That was a good off-the-cuff recommendation.

Michael Calore: Thank you. I appreciate that. And thank you for your recommendation.

Lauren Goode: You’re welcome. I feel like we’ve given people a lot of really good lifehacks today.

Michael Calore: We have.

Lauren Goode: Watch Jury Duty, drink some bitters and soda.

Michael Calore: Don’t go to jury duty because you’ll get Covid.

Lauren Goode: Yeah. Get rid of all those cables and enjoy your 500-volume history of rock ā€˜nā€™ roll.

Michael Calore: Many, many hours.

Lauren Goode: That’s great. You know what we didn’t recommend? Hanging out in Roblox.

Michael Calore: I think that was tacit. I think that was implied in the show.

Lauren Goode: Implied that you should or that you shouldn’t?

Michael Calore: That you should.

Lauren Goode: I don’t know.

Michael Calore: You should give it a shot. Everybody should give Roblox a shot. And if you can figure out how to make your avatar move around in the virtual world, please tell Lauren because she’s still working on that part.

Lauren Goode: I’m still there. I’m stuck. I’m just standing there with a virtual breadstick in my hotel room.

Michael Calore: Well, thank you for stepping into the real world to join me, and sit in this room and talk about Roblox.

Lauren Goode: Oh, there’s no place I’d rather be than this studio with you, Mike.

Michael Calore: That’s wonderful to hear. How about an Apple event? How about Cupertino? Would you like to go there?

Lauren Goode: Are you hinting at what we might be doing next week?

Michael Calore: I’m telling you what we will definitely be talking about next week.

Lauren Goode: Yep. Next week, we’ll be down at Cupertino on Tuesday for what we anticipate will be a new iPhone, series of iPhones.

Michael Calore: Maybe.

Lauren Goode: New black slabs to play with. Yeah. And we’ll have a few other folks here, too. And from out of town with us, Julian’s going to be here. Adrienne’s going to be here. It’s going to be a whole WIRED podcast party.

Michael Calore: Apple, Apple, Apple.

Lauren Goode: Yeah.

Michael Calore: Don’t miss it.

Lauren Goode: I can’t wait.

Michael Calore: All right, well, thanks everybody for listening this week. If you have feedback, you can find us on the social medias. Just check the show notes. Our producer is Boone Ashworth. We hope you get well soon. We’ll be back next week.

[Gadget Lab outro theme music plays]

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