Star Wars Outlaws gameplay looks like Grand Theft Auto: Tatooine


Ubisoft already teased Star Wars fans with a brief trailer for Star Wars Outlaws during the Xbox Summer Game Fest presentation. However, it was saving all the big, juicy gameplay details for its own showcase. Ubisoft closed its presentation with a 10-minute extended look at Outlaws’ gameplay and the kinds of scum and villainy you can get up to in all the wretched hives of the galaxy.

In Star Wars Outlaws, you play as Kay Vess, someone who Ubisoft calls a “scoundrel seeking freedom and the means to start a new life.” In the gameplay trailer, she certainly feels like an outlaw, quick to pull blasters on people in a way that would please the “Han shot first” contingent. Outlaws features a choice system, with the trailer showing off a scene in which Kay has the option to bribe an Imperial agent. There’s also a wanted system in which Kay’s actions increase her infamy with the Empire, which will respond with ever-increasing power the more Kay becomes a threat.

Combat seems heavy on gunplay and cover shooting. Kay’s main weapon is a blaster that the developers said in an accompanying gameplay breakdown video would evolve with her, sounding similar to the kinds of upgrades Cal Kestis can put into his lightsaber over on the Jedi: Survivor side of the Star Wars game universe. Kay also has a pet, Nix, an alien that kind of looks like a fuzzy / scaly overgrown axolotl that Kay can command to distract enemies, assist with combat, or bring her valuable items.

Being a Star Wars game, there will also be driving sections where Kay can pilot some of the many vehicles present in a galaxy far, far, away. In the trailer, there’s a cool-looking speeder chase, and later, Kay hops into a starship, blasting TIE Fighters in a debris field.

Overall, Outlaws looks pretty solid, worthy enough to be included with the likes of the Jedi games. We’ll know for sure when the game launches sometime in 2024.

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