TikTok launches a new hub to help brands better connect with its audiences

TikTok announced today that it’s launching a new “TikTok World Hub” for brands that is designed to help them learn how to connect with audiences and get discovered. The hub outlines TikTok’s suite of advertising tools and best practices when it comes to marketing on its platform.

The hub feature four main topics: branding, commerce, performance and creative. The different topics include videos with TikTok product leaders and product roadmaps to help educate brands on TikTok advertising. In addition, TikTok has compiled the complete suite of advertising products in the hub to help marketers find the tools they need to reach the full potential of their content and ads, the company says.

Along with the new TikTok World Hub, the company introduced “TikTok Fundamentals,” which is a framework for brands to get the most out of their advertising campaigns on TikTok.

The launch of the new hub come as TikTok has been furthering its push into the field of advertising. Last August, the company launched a new commerce ad suite called “Shopping Ads” to make it easier for brands to advertise on the platform. Last May, the company launched an ad product called “Branded Mission” that allows creators to connect with brands and possibly receive rewards for videos. Also last May, TikTok launched a contextual ad solution called TikTok Pulse to lure advertisers to its platform by giving them the ability to showcase their brands’ content next to the best videos on TikTok.

Given TikTok’s interest in asserting itself as an e-commerce platform, it’s no surprise that it’s looking to woo advertisers and build out its advertising suite.

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