YouTube is rounding the corners on desktop

YouTube is rolling out rounded edges on the main video player you see on, spokesperson Allison Toh confirmed to The Verge on Tuesday. They’re coming to all users, so if you’re not seeing them now, you should be seeing them soon.

I asked about the corners after noticing them while browsing YouTube on the web over the past day or two. (I included a screenshot of what I see at the top of this post.) I think the rounded corners look really nice. They also make YouTube’s desktop design feel more holistic since you’ll see rounded corners on a video and rounded corners on thumbnails off to the side.

Understandably, I’m only seeing the rounded corners when viewing the standard-sized video player; in theater mode, which expands the video to the edges of your browser window, the corners are still right angles.

Toh says the change is a continuation of the design updates introduced in October, which included a more precise way to fast forward or rewind.

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