10 Hacks To Get The Most Out Of Hulu In South Africa

Among the giants of on-demand streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney Plus, and HBO Max, Hulu has made a solid spot and is here to stay. A premium streaming service like Hulu has its unique perks. It offers you an extensive on-demand library of TV shows and films, and when you want to switch to live TV programming, you can go to its Hulu + Live TV service.

The competition among the big streaming names is getting tough and like any other streaming platform, Hulu has revamped and added many new features until now since its launch. So if you are planning to watch Hulu in South Africa using a VPN, you must know how to make your subscription more succulent.

So, here we have 10 hacks to get the most out of Hulu in South Africa.

1. Browse Titles by Network

Hulu’s algorithm often leaves you feeling a little confined. It starts bombarding you with recommendations based on your recent titles. That’s where you need to venture a little beyond your comfort zone!

One of the simplest techniques to do so on Hulu is to search by its network ranking, which gives you access to the entire scope of the service’s limitless offerings. To do so, go to “Browse,” then “Networks,” and then “A-Z.” Eventually, a chance to delve into the bleak abyss of A&E without having to decode any cryptic genre tags! Don’t pretend we didn’t inform you.

2. Use Your Phone As a Remote

The most difficult aspect of possessing a smart TV is locating the remote. We’ve spent days trying to find out exactly where the little Roku rod disappeared between the seat cushions. Fortunately, if you have Chromecast or AirPlay, you can quickly solve this problem.

All you need to do is connect with the same Wi-Fi network that your streaming device is using and also install the Hulu app. Select what you want to stream on your phone, and then choose your TV from the casting tab, and relax knowing you’ll never have to search the nooks and crannies under the couch again.

3. Switch to the Dark Mode

There are two kinds of individuals around the world: people that use the dark theme on each and every service that supports it and people who are yet to explore the function’s splendor. Hulu features its own dark theme, which you can enable in the settings screen, so you’ll never have to cope with that rough bright light interrupting the pleasurable, amniotic joy of your 5th straight episode of Deep Space Nine again.

4. Go for Bundle Subscriptions to Save Cost

The majority of these suggestions are mechanical, but we’d be unwise if we didn’t specify that there is no reason whatsoever that anyone should be footing the bill for Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu separately.

The Disney corporation is offering all these three services packaged together for a svelte $14 per month, which is $6 less than paying them separately. If you’re a fan of both College baseball and The Handmaid’s Tale, this is definitely something to think about.

5. Arrange a Binge-Watch Party

It’s a Long weekend, and no matter how much you would like to change plans and watch Batman Begins in personal freedom in your own bedroom, you find yourself feeling a little lonely.

Luckily, Hulu introduced a “Watch Party” function late last year that allows you and seven other people to join an improvised cross-country movie night (if they’re also Hulu subscribers). Yay! Everyone can now mock Christian Bale’s weird Batman tone all at the same time!

6. Tweak Your Subtitles

I’m sure you have spent the extended COVID winter binge-watching 1960s French sitcoms. However, were you aware that you can change the subtitles?  If you go to the “Subtitles & Captions” menu in your configuration bar, you can adjust the font size and layer mask to your personal taste.

7. Pause Your Hulu Subscription When You’re Away

I’m sure you’re looking forward to your post-pandemic travel to Mongolia’s high plains, where you’ll reside in a cocooned teepee and barbecue wild yak over white coal seams over the next 2 months. It’s a pity you’ll have to pay for Hulu even when you’re gone, isn’t it?

Hulu, on the other hand, allows users to pause their membership for as long as 12 weeks. Simply go to the “Your Subscription” menu of your account and make sure you won’t be charged for unwatched series and movies while you’re traveling around the world.

8. Download Titles to Watch Offline

But how will you kill time in that teepee, you wonder? Fortunately, Hulu’s ad-free service allows subscribers to download  25 episodes at once, with a 1-month termination date. It turns out that you can watch a season or two if you so desire!

9. Create a Watchlist

This tip is somewhat more relevant to Hulu’s live TV subscribers because most of you cable cutters have totally forgotten the native notion of weekly episodes. However, if you’re a fan of The Bachelor or another show, remember to add it to your watchlist.

So, if a new episode is released, it will be placed front and middle of the app, ensuring that you never miss an episode.

10. Clear Your Watch History

Are there any bad shows clogging up your algorithm? Did your children binge-watch all seasons of Prison Break, resulting in specific suggestions tab brimming with mid-2000s crime dramas? Don’t be concerned!

Just go to the “Watch History” segment of the home menu and remove Prison Break. The algorithm will make notes, and your gallery experience will improve dramatically.


You need a VPN service to watch Hulu in South Africa and the best choice that you will make is to get ExpressVPN. So, now you know the simple hacks that you can implement to enhance your Hulu streaming experience in South Africa. Get to the comments section and let us know if you liked these hacks or used any of these to help you make your Hulu experience better.