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11 words and phrases to slice from your VC pitch deck – TechCrunch

11 words and phrases to cut from your VC pitch deck – TechCrunch

You have just 170 seconds. Weeks or even months of working on your pitch deck could occur down to the 170 seconds (on normal) that buyers spend looking at it.

“Investors see a lot of pitches,” VC and LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman pointed out. “In a one yr, the traditional typical spouse in a undertaking agency is uncovered to around 5,000 pitches … and ends up doing concerning zero and two bargains.”

With all that strain to make an impression promptly, founders shell out an remarkable amount of time on the structure of their slides. A lot less thing to consider, having said that, is normally invested on the phrases on the slide. That’s a error, especially when you only have 170 seconds.

When not used deliberately, the words in your deck can be distracting or downright off-placing. We utilised what we know about language and balanced communication from the thousands and thousands of documents we’ve processed at Writer to occur up with 11 terms and phrases to clear away from your VC pitch deck:

Adverse associations

1. “runway”

Pitching VCs is a balancing act: You want to placement your concept in the greatest light-weight, but also display that you’ve thought points as a result of. Nonetheless, volunteering specific varieties of info can have the reverse effect. Do not publish: I’m seeking $X in funding to supply Y months of runway. You absolutely need to have to clearly show how you are going to use the funding you’re asking for, but you never want to frame matters in phrases of runway in a pitch deck. The word is associated with a looming hard cash-out day, which can put an trader in a adverse state of intellect.

This HappySignal slide is a sound instance of retaining your messaging constructive and utilizing uplifting language.

2. “exit strategy”

Don’t create: Our exit tactic is… Sure, pondering via your business enterprise usually means figuring out how you’ll tackle worst-situation and best-case situations. But placing exit tactic in your deck can only get investors imagining about the inherent pitfalls. You want them centered on the opportunity. You want to know what to say when the matter will come up — just really do not volunteer the data on a slide.


3. “just X percent”

A pitch deck is a tool to exhibit VCs why your concept merits expense. Using clichés can operate versus that purpose. Don’t write: If we could seize X p.c of the market… It’s not only a cliché, it’s wishful contemplating — not a approach. Preserve the textual content on your slides grounded in related details and figures. Other clichés to slash contain: the Amazon of X, think about a future, and going Y to blockchain.


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