21 Best iPhone 14 Cases and Accessories (2023): MagSafe-Tested, Chargers, and More

We get a lot of cases sent our way. Some of them are perfectly fine but not remarkable in our eyes, but cases can be subjective. You might like them.

Carved MagSafe Cases for $59: Epoxy resin is having a bit of a moment. (My YouTube is filled with ways to convert a coffee table into a beautiful epoxy resin table.) These cases are beautiful, and there are so many fun designs to choose from. The buttons are excellent, the cutouts are all accurate, and the mute switch is easy to access. The sides are grippy, and you get a nice microfiber inner. No complaints here!

PopSockets Plant-Based Case for MagSafe for $50: Made from plant-based materials, the case itself is nice, with clicky buttons. I like that the PopSockets grip is not integrated. You can slide it off when you don’t need to use it, like when you want to take advantage of MagSafe charging. The grip doubles as a kickstand, but only in landscape orientation. If you already have a PopSockets case or grip, you can swap out the grip for the new plant-based one.

Caudabe Sheath MagSafe Case for $38: Caudabe’s Sheath was my absolute favorite case for the iPhone 13, and while I’m not as enamored with it now, it’s still excellent. The rear texture is the hallmark, featuring a canvas-like quality that feels nice to run your fingers over. The buttons work well, and the case’s edges are raised just enough to protect the screen and camera module. It’s quite thin and looks simple, which is great if you’re going for a minimalist aesthetic.

OtterBox Ottergrip Symmetry Series for MagSafe for $60: This case has a pretty smart grip system that sits flush with the back of your case and doesn’t interrupt MagSafe capabilities. Unlike many other grips, however, you can’t use it as a kickstand, which feels like a missed opportunity. You need two hands to pull the grip out of the back. I also found the mute switch a little hard to access.

OtterBox Aneu Series MagSafe Case for $50: These cases are perfectly fine, if a little dull. The material on the back feels as though it will show scuffs over time. It offers a good MagSafe connection, and the buttons are clicky.

Catalyst Influence MagSafe Case for $34: I tried several Catalyst cases and landed on this one as my favorite. It has the tried-and-true patented mute switch button, which lets you rotate a wheel to toggle silence on or off—much nicer than digging through a tiny hole in the case to flip the switch. The buttons are clicky, the MagSafe connection is solid, and there’s a nice texture on the back that doesn’t show smudges. You get a lanyard to tote the phone around your arm. Catalyst is known for its waterproof cases, and I also tested and liked its Total Protection Case ($90), which is good for up to 33 feet underwater. I did not see any droplets of water on my iPhone after I submerged it for some time. However, the buttons are a bit hard to press, and there’s no MagSafe.

Casetify The Push-In Case for $52: I thought I had seen it all with cases, but this one surprised me. It’s so smart! You can customize your case by adding tiny, cute pins to the pits. The Push-In Pin sets are really cute too. Unfortunately, the case attracts a lot of dust and lint, even if it is fabulously soft. It’s also really thick, and this whole thing will be heavy to carry around. There’s no MagSafe support. Not very practical.

Mous Limitless 5.0 MagSafe Walnut Case for $60: If you want a wood case, this one from Mous will satisfy you. The magnets are strong, it looks attractive, and the thick bumper feels rigid. There’s even a spot to hook up a lanyard. Not much to complain about here!

Moft Snap MagSafe Case for $40: I recommend snagging this in black or clear because the white color option shows the faint outline of the MagSafe ring and doesn’t look good. Otherwise, the buttons are easy to press, the mute switch is accessible, and Moft has strengthened the magnets here—I can attest that it’s certainly harder to pry some MagSafe accessories off of it. I just don’t find it all that fun to look at or pleasant to the touch.

Ampere Biodegradable MagSafe Case for $9: These cases are the definition of nondescript. They look boring and feel inoffensive (albeit slippery). I’m a little annoyed at how clearly the MagSafe ring bleeds through, which gives it a rather unfinished look. On the bright side, they’re fully compostable, and Ampere says they’ll break down completely in less than a year. The edges are raised well and the buttons are nice to press.

Smartish Gripzilla MagSafe Case for $35: Imagine you squeezed a case so hard you left your imprints on the sides. That’s pretty much what the Gripzilla case is like. The grooved edges help add some extra grip to the whole thing, as does the texture on the bumper. It’s great if you have butterfingers. The mute switch is easy to access, the buttons are clicky, the edges around the screen are raised well, and there’s MagSafe support. It checks off a lot of boxes for a pretty low price.

Nomad Sport MagSafe Case for $40: The edges around the case could stand to be raised a little more, and as someone who bites their nails, I had trouble accessing the mute switch. The buttons are snappy, and I like how the thermoplastic elastomer bumper feels, but the PET backplate is a little too glossy for my taste. I’m also not a huge fan of Nomad’s Modern Leather Folio MagSafe Case ($60)—the wallet extends past the iPhone’s screen when it’s closed, which irks me.

Nomad Rugged MagSafe Case for $50: If I was going to buy a “rugged” case, I’d at least hope that the front edges were raised a good deal to protect the display in the event of a drop. The edges on this case don’t stick out as much as I’d like. It feels slippery too. It’s a shame, because the orange color would go really well with the Apple Watch Ultra.

Zagg Gear4 Denali Snap MagSafe Case for $60: I tried a few Gear4 cases and this one is my favorite (some of the cases I tried, like the Brooklyn Snap, had tough-to-press buttons). The Denali has a soft-touch material that feels quite nice, with a pattern on the back to add some grip. The buttons work well, though I wouldn’t have minded more of a raised edge around the screen.

Smartish Gripmunk Case for $15: There’s no MagSafe ring, but this thin case did a decent job of sticking to a few MagSafe wireless charging stands. As the name suggests, the bumper has a fun grippy texture that makes the phone stay firmly in your hand and not on the ground. (The edges are also raised pretty well.) The buttons are decent, but pushing them makes a sound that’s a little squishy. The low price makes it forgivable, and it even comes in various styles.

Pivet Aspect+ Clear MagSafe Case for $45: I like Nimble’s clear case a smidge more, but this is a good alternative too. (In certain lighting, the case shows off a slight rainbow hue, which you might not like.) It comes with a lanyard that’s easy to attach, and the case is biodegradable, so it’ll decompose in landfill conditions within two to three years. Pivet is a Black-owned business, which is rare in the tech world.

Speck Presidio2 Grip MagSafe Case for $50: I tried several Specks, and too many of them have mushy buttons for my taste. The Speck Presidio Edition (only for the iPhone 14 Pro series) and the Presidio2 Grip cases are the outliers. They have clicky buttons, have a soft-touch material that I like, and I particularly enjoy the grippy texture on the Presidio2.

Spigen Optik Armor MagSafe Case for $27: I have never felt the need to have a privacy cover on the rear camera of my smartphone, but hey, now that you can use your iPhone as a webcam, maybe it’s something you’re looking for. Just slide the privacy cover to the right to open up the module when you want to use the cameras. It feels protective overall, with a thick and rigid bumper all around the display, snappy buttons, and a leather-like texture on the back.

OtterBox Otter + Pop Symmetry Case for $60: If you love using a PopSockets grip all the time, then it might be worth snagging this case. It’s quite bulky and thick, but you can push out the grip to add some stability. You can also pop out the grip completely to wirelessly charge your iPhone 14, but it’s a little inconvenient. There’s no MagSafe support, but everything else checks out.

OtterBox Amplify Glass Screen Protector for $50: This OtterBox was similarly easy to apply, though it wasn’t as accurate as the Smartish. (There’s room for you to make some slight errors.) It did, however, leave the least amount of air bubbles of all the screen protectors.

Incipio Duo ($45), AeroGrip ($60), Idol ($55), Organicore ($45), and Forme ($50): Incipio sent me a whole batch of its cases to test and, honestly, I did not care much for any of them. They were all perfectly fine with MagSafe support (except for the Organicore), but none had a particularly interesting design or texture. They’re just kind of blasé.

Waterfield Designs Zip iPhone Holster Case for $89: OK, this isn’t a case, but rather a holster/pouch combo that you clip to your belt. It looks and feels nice, even if it’s a bit Dad™. I was able to store the AirPods Pro in the little sleeve on the inside. The YKK zipper is water-resistant. Make sure you check the size guide and buy the right one based on your phone model. It clips to your belt or pants via a magnet.

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