5G technology is revolutionizing live concerts

5G technology is revolutionizing live concerts by facilitating virtual events, connecting artists with fans, and supporting music trends that incorporate augmented reality. In fact, a world-first hybrid 5G festival recently took place in the UK across three different venues with 20 different artists. With emerging 5G technology, fans can watch 360-degree virtual performances from the comfort of home and even dance alongside holograms of their favorite artists.

Transforming live shows

With 5G, multiple camera angles can be easily facilitated even in big stadiums to give every fan an amazing view of the stage. 5G can also enable personalized audio; with high-definition headphones fans can block out exterior noise, enjoy crystal clear sound quality, and even hone their audio feed in on a specific instrument. Additionally, augmented reality indoor wayfinding services are also expected to make it easier to explore concert venues in-person. With a smartphone, digital maps and information can be superimposed onto real-world settings.

Immersive experiences

With livestreaming, fans can watch concerts from the comfort of their own home. In addition to concerts, events like weddings are also increasingly livestreamed to guests no matter where they are in the world. Advanced video and livestreaming equipment ensures excellent picture and sound quality for guests. And, now 5G is further improving the live streaming experience. For example, augmented reality technology can modify real-world environments by superimposing digital content including images and sound to create a more immersive experience for fans. In fact, the Emerging Tech and Emerging Artist program (launched by Motown Records, Verizon’s 5G Labs, and Capitol Music Group) uses 5G and mobile-edge computing technology to let musicians experiment with such immersive experiences. Working out of Verizon’s LA 5G Lab, musicians use a 5G virtual production stage to create various extended reality production tools, holograms, and game technology.

The future is now

Rapper TheHxliday used the Emerging Tech program to create an immersive 360-degree virtual world during a recent live performance. The stage transformed from a desert to forest landscape while Verizon used 5G to stream the concert to fans. Additionally, singer Asiahn used Verizon’s 5G Lab to create an augmented reality app and music experience. With the help of volumetric capture, a holographic video performance of Asiahn was created. So, when fans watch Asiahn’s music video, the corresponding augmented reality app overlays Asiahn into your immediate reality. And, in the director’s cut mode, Asiahn appears right next to you, explaining the video and how it came to be.  

 “Artists can now build entire digital worlds by using the same technology that’s used to create video games to bring their creative vision to life,” said Andrew Zarick, Head of Ecosystem Partnerships Activations at Verizon’s 5G Labs. “This completely changes the way artists engage with fans now and in the future.” Whether it’s with the Emerging Tech program or 5G capabilities in music venues, the exciting potentials for 5G applications are only just starting to be explored with the best yet to come.