6 Best Deals: Hair Dryers and Straighteners

You know those days when your hair just doesn’t play ball? It doesn’t look good down and it doesn’t look good up—you wish you could shave it off and put it back on later. I have those days a lot. Thankfully, I’ve found a few hair tools that help on those forsaken days, and some of these spendy hair dryers and flat irons are discounted right now.

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The Best Deals on Hair Tools

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Photograph: RevAir

Enter code MOM10 to see the discount at checkout. The RevAir (9/10, WIRED Recommends) tops the list of my favorite hair tools. If you have curly hair that feels impossible to style some days, you’ll know what I mean when I say this is life-changing. I can, at any time of any day, decide I want to straighten my hair and do it without three days of planning. It dries and stretches hair quickly without pulling. I still need to use a flat iron to smooth it out, but mileage varies based on hair type.

Photograph: T3

T3 makes great hair tools, a bunch of which are also discounted (you’ll find more below). These new Switch Kits are great if you regularly use a curling iron. Depending on the kit you go for, you’ll get three barrels from 0.5 to 1.5 inches (with and without clips). The barrels pop on and off so you can have one tool instead of several. I use the half-inch barrel for fixing slept-on curls.

More Great Hair Tool Deals

T3 Lucea Smooth ID Straightener

Photograph: Zuvi

Technically, Zuvi’s site says this is $55 off, but it’s pretty much always $349. Still, it’s a welcome discount on a cool hair dryer we like (9/10, WIRED Recommends). The Zuvi uses infrared light rather than convective heat, and what the company calls LightCare Technology, to mimic sunlight and wind. I was skeptical, but it really does quickly dry your hair with less heat than a traditional dryer. There are much cheaper blow-dryers out there, but if you can afford this one, it’s a good buy.

It doesn’t seem like this hair dryer, which is clearly just plastic, would impress me, but I love it. It’s so light and effortless to use and, despite it not having a diffuser, I can even dry my curls with it. (There still should be a diffuser available, in my opinion.)

T3 Lucea Smooth ID Straightener

Photograph: T3

This hair straightener has a unique feature called HeatID. You select your hair texture, length, and whether it’s color-treated or not. The iron then suggests a heat level. When you need to fix up your hair later or the next day, a Refresh Mode lowers the temperature based on previous settings. It smooths hair and creates perfect curls too.

If you want a tool for easier blowouts but are scared to use the popular Revlon that has, in some instances, caught fire, consider this one. It comes with a round brush and paddle brush attachments for different hair types and styles. Like the T3 blow-dryer above, this tool is light for hair styling that doesn’t feel like an arm workout.

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