8 Things Your Apps In Smartphone Replaced

Why apps can qualitatively replace some things

Skeptics today increasingly argue that humanity has gone too far in trying to make our life easier. Robots, artificial intelligence, and numerous mobile apps are helping us perform more and more complex and simple tasks. But next to skepticism, there is always room for practicality and rationality. Dozens of things replaced by smartphones have already been relegated to the back burner. Even to send a fax today, you don’t even have to get up from your chair.

We absolutely believe that by using apps and technologies wisely, humanity is greatly increasing its quality of life. By searching through the App Store, each of us can find apps that will simplify our daily routine and make it more enjoyable. 

Keep close all what you need on your phone

You will be surprised, but apps can make a difference in our lives. Those who have not yet tried to help themselves with everyday tasks with their help should definitely start doing it. You’ll give yourself free time and save energy.

Using a virtual ruler, scanning documents, and faxing from your phone, now it’s all possible from the comfort of your room. Sending your fax iPhone has never been so productive and easy. Imagine being able to scan, sign, and send documents with just your iPhone at your fingertips. Tell your colleagues how to send Fax from your iPhone to get more free time in the workplace for all of you.

We decided to introduce you to a ranking of things that apps will easily replace as soon as you install them.

Regular fax machine

You’ll never need a regular fax machine again. Use the app and your iPhone to send a fax from the comfort of your office. Finding a machine on all the floors of a building is now completely unnecessary.


Now you can efficiently measure the length, width, and height of objects. Some applications can also calculate mathematical formulas if you need them. The accuracy of measuring objects using the app is the same as if you had a real tool in your hand.

Remotes and switches

If you’ve made the effort and can at least partially name your home Smart, the first thing you’ve probably done is get rid of the need to switch TV channels using your remote. Likewise, you can control light switches from the comfort of your couch just by using apps.

Document scanner

Now you can scan, edit, and sign documents using only the app. Here you can use your camera to digitize a paper document and send it instantly to the recipient. Another office machine has become completely unnecessary to have thanks to apps.

GPS navigator

More than half of drivers say they find it much easier to use their phone as a navigator, as the phone’s search process is much faster. In addition to various applications, drivers primarily prefer Google Maps, as it is one of the easiest to use.

If you don’t want to use Google Maps on your iPhone, you are free to choose from dozens of apps that also have their benefits.


Now you don’t need an interpreter unless it’s a legal translation. A large number of applications offer you: picture-by-picture translation of documents as they are scanned, voice recognition and speech translation in the language you are interested in, and standard text translations using dozens of dictionaries and databases. Imagine being able to have a dialogue with a native speaker of a foreign language without even typing the text by hand. Download the apps and explore the accuracy of speech translation.

Virtual Wallet

Android and Apple Pay are a lifesaver for those who constantly forget their credit cards and money at home. Although this feature is basic and no one is surprised by it anymore, we still have the opportunity to introduce you to the new technology. Now you can replace not only the plastic bank card but also the card machine itself. Using some applications from the App Store, you can ask for a QR code in the store and pay for the purchase by means of a money transfer directly. This possibility should be discussed in advance with the representatives of the stores.

Let technology make your life better

Modern apps can become your first assistants in work, entertainment, and even during home restoration. If you’ve been skeptical up to this point, maybe you’ll change your mind once you get a feel for how convenient it is to use your phone for different purposes.

Massive office machines, rulers, recorders, and more are things you may never need again, keep your phone or iPad close by, and it will be your universal tool both at work and at home.