Apple iphone 14 Professional Max fall examination goes about as very well as you’d anticipate

Apple’s Iphone 14 Pro Max did not escape unscathed in a current fall test vs . Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra and might have new entrepreneurs of Apple’s flagship phones procuring for cases.

A main caveat in this article. YouTuber PhoneBuff’s new Iphone 14 Professional Max CVS Galaxy S22 UYltra Drop Test (opens in new tab) was sponsored by – you guessed it – situation maker Casetify. A outcome in which neither phone survives is, clearly, in the scenario maker’s greatest desire. Even so, we’ve seen fall tests of preceding iPhones that utilize the identical kinds of drop equipment, length to ground, and battery of tests. The final results we observed ended up not stunning but are also a very good reminder that these are steel products wrapped in glass – strengthened glass – but glass nonetheless.