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Best Space Games on Pc

Best PS4 and PS5 Exclusive Games You Can Play Right Now

Capture star systems, fight ancient alien races, or join space pirates. In this selection, we will tell you about the best space games on PC. From the best MMORPGs about galaxy exploration to lunar module pilot simulators. But for the best feeling of the game, don’t forget your best mice under 50!


Year: 2016 | Genre: sandbox, space, survival

A sandbox game with survival elements from the creator of Terraria. Starbound invites you to go to the distant future and traverse many planets and biomes in a spaceship that serves as both a home and a workshop. The story is about the fact that the Earth was destroyed and you have to travel from one planet to another, exploring unexplored worlds. There are plenty of things to keep you busy in Starbound: crafting, upgrading your ship, taming pets, meeting the many alien races, and fighting.

EVE Online

Year: 2003 | Genre: MMO, Space, Science Fiction

Thanks to its gigantic scope and abundance of gameplay options, Eve Online has outlasted dozens of other MMORPGs. This is a space simulator that doesn’t get boring even after hundreds of hours of play. There is a huge open-world where you can’t fly to the edge of the universe. But most importantly, there are dozens of interesting activities. In Eve Online, you can become a warrior and build up your own fleet, move into politics and diplomacy or earn real money in a real economy controlled by the players themselves.

Space Rangers HD: A War Apart

Year: 2013 | Genre: RPG, Strategy, Adventure, Space

HD version of the cult game “Space Rangers,” with many genres intertwined: epic RPG, arcade action, turn-based strategy, text quest – all in an open world. The independent team created a rich sci-fi universe that changes with each playthrough and includes hundreds of interesting activities. Here you could become a space cab driver, get involved in a detective investigation, fish, solve puzzles, and trade. The remaster has tightened up the visuals, fixed compatibility with Windows 10 and high resolutions, and added some new content.

Kerbal Space Program

Year: 2015 | Genre: space, simulation, sandbox, physics

Kerbal Space Program simulator was created with the participation of NASA and SpaceX. Though it tells about the launch of the space program in a humorous way, there is enough realism here. The world of the game is limited to a one-star system, but it is so huge that it will take all your free time to explore it. Together with funny green men, you will build spaceships, manage engineers, scientists, and pilots, use resources correctly and try not to go astray on your way to distant planets.


Year: 2016 | Genre: space, global strategy, simulation, sandbox

It is a global strategy from Paradox Interactive, in which it is easy to recognize all the studio’s trademark techniques even despite their atypical space setting. Stellaris is big, deep, and overflowing with dozens of mechanics. An untrained person will find it hard to understand, but fortunately, at least here, Paradox learned how to teach mechanics in a competent and slow way. In this space simulator, you will land on planets and colonize entire galaxies, develop science and build a fleet, as well as engage in political intrigue and achieve victory through diplomacy.


Year: 2016 | Genre: survival, open space, construction, exploration

A sandbox game in which players try on the role of colonizers and try to survive on uninhabited planets both alone and in cooperative mode. Astroneer gives a lot of room for creativity. Here one will find not only construction and crafting necessary for “survival” but also terraforming, through which you can equip a home even in the center of the planet. Astroneer has a dozen planets available, each with unique biomes, plants, animals, and puzzles.

Dyson Sphere Program

Year: 2021 | Genre: space, base building

Dyson Sphere Program will please fans of Factorio and Satisfactory. Here you build the Dyson Sphere, a giant orbital factory that collects all the resources from the planet and uses them for production chains. You lead the process by flying a mech robot and can see the beauty of the enormous factory and the celestial bodies. As production grows, one planet becomes insufficient, and you expand the chains to the entire system. And that’s just the early access – in the future, there will be battles, mech upgrades, and more.