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Burger King Starts Accepting Dogecoin in Brazil — but Only for Dog Treats

Burger King Starts Accepting Dogecoin in Brazil — but Only for Dog Treats

Burger King has announced that it will be accepting Dogecoin, the Shiba-Inu face-themed cryptocurrency, for its dog treats in Brazil. Even though the initial announcement on Twitter read as though the company was accepting Dogecoin for regular food items, a subsequent tweet posted at least two hours after the first one, clarified that the company was open to accepting the digital currency for ‘Dogpper,’ the dog treat it introduced in 2019. Dogecoin was started as a joke but has been popularized immensely by billionaire Elon Musk, who often tweets about it. His takes on Twitter have often been the reason why the cryptocurrency’s stocks have rallied.

On July 27, Burger King Brazil first tweeted: “Hi, tudo bem Dogecoin? Remember this day: Burger King Brazil Is Now Accepting Dogecoin!” It also added hashtags Dogpper, BKDogpper, and SayYesToDogecoin to its tweet.

The next post came the same evening, two hours after the first one. The fast-food company asked if you were out of reais, the official currency of Brazil. “Purchase with DOGE. It’s Burger King revolutionizing galaxies once again. We are accepting the most beloved crypto, Dogecoin as payment for Dogpper. Buying is easy, go there on the website,” it further wrote in its tweet (translated).

Could this be the first step towards the adoption of Dogecoin as a mode of payment for future food sales as well? Well, for now, Burger King has kept the use of Dogecoin restricted to buying only dog ​​treats.

User Jose Lanz (@jaldps) posted the same query, which translates to: “Only for the puppies or do you also accept the typical combos?”

The company responded by saying, “Oops, Jose, what matches Dogecoin is our Dogpper, so the purchase is only valid for Dogppers ordered by this site here.” (translated).

But many saw this as another victory for the Doge-themed crypto token. Check out these reactions:

A user, DB87 (@DB8775090786), had a question for McDonald’s.

Here are some more reactions:

A report by Crypto Briefing said that it was an offer for a limited time and a portion of proceeds will also go to Petlove, an animal protection agency.

On July 29, Dogecoin price in India stood at Rs 15.17 (at 1:30pm IST) following a marginal dip of 2.13 percent from its opening price of Rs 15.28.

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