Call Of Duty: Warzone battle royale guide: essential tips to winning the round

Finding anyone in the online gaming industry who has not heard of Call of Duty is infinitely more challenging than finding a needle in the haystack. Call of Duty has been the undisputed king in the PvP Battle Royale segment for years now. Call of Duty, along with Counter-Strike, has been the gold standard that other gaming developers have tried and failed to match. And let’s not be overly harsh with the other developers, the standards set by every Call of Duty are simply unbeatable.

The latest from the franchise is Call of Duty: Warzone, and it would not be a stretch to say that it has changed the PvP Battle Royale games forever. But its massive popularity can also be a hindrance, especially for new players who are just starting out. Their fun experience could quickly become a harrowing one. Luckily, we have a list of safest Warzone cheats that can assist you in not just having a fun and successful experience with the game but winning the round as well. You can also browse through to get more useful hacks. 

Tip #1. Take advantage of the pre-game lobby

If you have played any of the many Battle Royale games on the market, you must be familiar with the pre-game lobby. Most players considered it a waste of time, which is pretty understandable as it is the case in many of those games. But you won’t find the case with Call of Duty: Warzone. COD is a unique game in this sense as it allows one to make solid progress with their weapons.

Folks familiar with the franchise know that weapons need to be leveled up so that one can unlock their respective attachments. And the pre-game lobby can undoubtedly help with that. You can quickly get five to six kills in the pre-game lobby and make decent progress in leveling up your weapon.

Tip #2. Opt for a long drop

This might be counterintuitive to what many players plan to do, get in there and take the game by storm. But it is something that seldom happens, and more than likely, you would be knocked out by the first player you come across. The smarter course of action is to wait and opt for a longer drop far away from where the action is. The greens and the orange areas on the map are by far the better option for beginners to drop as they are less populated areas. Avoid the red zone entirely and see your winning chances skyrocket.

Tip #3. Play at your own pace

If you are following a professional COD player on Twitch, that is great. It is an excellent way for one to learn new skills and adapt them to their gameplay. But do not try to replicate their style of play and, more importantly, their speed. It takes hours of practice and hours of experience to get that good in COD. The game is already fast enough without you adding an unnecessary burden on your shoulder. Play at the pace you are comfortable at, don’t try to do too much as it would ultimately backfire on you.

Tip #4. Don’t forget about the loadouts

Unlike the Battle Royale games, where the only way you can change your weapons during the middle of the game is through looting, COD allows one to purchase loadouts. These loadouts contain the player’s preferred customized guns and access to perks that could be highly advantageous in a close fight. It could prove to be highly beneficial to beginners who might not have had much practice with the looted weapon they are currently holding. 

Tip #5. Practice headshots!

There is no better way to shoot down your enemy than with a headshot. Headshots are incredibly damaging and usually have a multiplier of 1.3x to 2x, depending on the levels and perks attached to your character. With practice, you can easily cut down the kill time by 33 percent, which can be the difference between success and being close in a game like COD.

Tip #6. Get armor plates

Armor can be extremely vital if you want to survive a firefight. In COD, you can add up to three armor plates on your character. But do not just forget about armor after getting the third piece. In fact, it would be wiser if you aim for five to share with your teammates and replace your own armor plates if they get damaged.

This Call of Duty: Warzone battle royale guide will help you get better at the game and win the round like a pro. Therefore, include all the tips in your gaming strategies and see the difference.