5 Years After San Francisco Banned Face Recognition, Voters Ask for More Surveillance

San Francisco made history in 2019 when its Board of Supervisors voted to ban city agencies including the police department from using face recognition. About two dozen other US cities have since followed suit. But on Tuesday, San Francisco voters appeared to turn against the idea of restricting police technology, backing a ballot proposition that … Read more

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Microsoft-Powered Chatbot Just Disappeared

Those concerns are part of the reason OpenAI said in January that it would ban people from using its technology to create chatbots that mimic political candidates or provide false information related to voting. The company also said it wouldn’t allow people to build applications for political campaigns or lobbying. While the Kennedy chatbot page … Read more

Measles Strikes a Florida Elementary School With Over 100 Unvaccinated Kids

Florida health officials on Sunday announced an investigation into a cluster of measles cases at an elementary school in the Fort Lauderdale area with a low vaccination rate, a scenario health experts fear will become more and more common amid slipping vaccination rates nationwide. On Friday, Broward County Public School reported a confirmed case of … Read more

Air Canada Has to Honor a Refund Policy Its Chatbot Made Up

After months of resisting, Air Canada was forced to give a partial refund to a grieving passenger who was misled by an airline chatbot inaccurately explaining the airline’s bereavement travel policy. On the day Jake Moffatt’s grandmother died, Moffat immediately visited Air Canada’s website to book a flight from Vancouver to Toronto. Unsure of how … Read more

Leading Lab-Grown Meat Company Upside Foods Just Paused a Major Expansion

It has been a rocky year for plans for large-scale cultivated-meat production. In May 2022, another Californian startup, Eat Just, announced its plans to build up to 10 large bioreactors, each with a 250,000-liter capacity, with the bioreactor firm ABEC. The deal fell apart, with ABEC later filing an amended legal complaint in federal court … Read more

How to Watch Super Bowl LVIII (2024): Usher Halftime Show, Puppy Bowl, Taylor Swift

With basically a billion streaming services to pick from, it can be hard to know where to watch big events—especially the Super Bowl, which frequently switches networks. No need to fret though. It’ll easy to watch the Kansas City Chiefs play the San Francisco 49ers for free online—no cable subscription required. The two teams go … Read more