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China’s Mars rover sends back adorably charming crimson earth selfie

China's Mars rover sends back adorably charming red planet selfie

Hi, Zhurong rover and Tianwen-1 lander. This selfie arrives from a distant camera established on the surface of Mars.


This story is part of Welcome to Mars, our sequence exploring the crimson world.

It’s uncomplicated to anthropomorphize our robotic emissaries to Mars. We give them nicknames like “Oppy” and “Percy” and concentration on their humanlike “heads” and “eyes.” Very well, China may perhaps have designed the most huggable-on the lookout rover however. The Zhurong rover has shipped a Mars selfie for the ages. Consider not to squee far too loud.

According to a China Countrywide Area Administration statement on Friday, the amazing picture was taken by a distant, wireless digital camera released by the rover, which then moved away to pose with the Tianwen-1 lander for the photograph.

The picture shows Zhurong “looking” at the digital camera. You can see its solar panels extending out like butterfly wings to the facet. Element of the ramp from the lander down to the surface area is visible to the extremely much correct of the graphic.

Zhurong is 1 of the key elelments of China’s formidable Tiawen-1 mission, which is composed of an orbiting spacecraft, a lander and the rover. By offering the photo voltaic-driven automobile to the floor in mid-May perhaps, China turned just the 2nd nation to function a rover on Mars. NASA is jogging the Curiosity and Perseverance rovers in other regions of Mars.

The Tianwen-1 lander on Mars along with the Zhurong rover’s wheel tracks.


The selfie shot arrives as portion of a launch of science pictures, like a landscape exhibiting the view out more than Utopia Planitia, an extensive plains area of Mars that created for a nicely flat landing web page for the area aspect of the Tianwen-1 mission. 

CNSA also shared a panorama and a different shot of the lander with the Chinese flag prominently exhibited on its facet. It seems to have an image of the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter season Games panda mascot and Paralympics glowing-lantern mascot in the vicinity of the flag. 

Though China hasn’t introduced virtually as a lot of pictures as we generally see from NASA Mars missions, these latest shots are in very good organization with the latest views from the Tianwen-1 spacecraft and NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter that clearly show the lander and rover from orbit.

It may feel bizarre that some place lovers establish psychological attachments to robots (see how folks felt about the demise of NASA’s Option rover), but house exploration is a human endeavor, and emotions and connections are a aspect of that.

Those might be robots out there rolling throughout the rocky floor of Mars, but they’re our robots.

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