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Cloud-native applications need cloud-indigenous storage units

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The increase of cloud-native applications is basically modifying how businesses produce and operate software program apps. But this change isn’t just switching application enhancement it’s also impacting infrastructure. New technologies this sort of as containerization, Kubernetes, serverless computing and microservices are essential components of cloud-indigenous environments. To support modern-day, cloud-native environments – and the rising systems that are section of them – organizations are not able to count on conventional storage infrastructure.

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Gary Ogasawara is CTO of Cloudian.

Instead, they need to hire cloud-indigenous storage platforms. To steer clear of confusion, it’s essential to determine what “cloud native” suggests, as the time period has been stretched to consist of applications that are not genuinely cloud indigenous. The Cloud Indigenous Computing Basis (CNCF) describes cloud-native applications as “scalable applications in modern, dynamic environments, these as general public, non-public, and hybrid clouds.” In practice, this has intended apps that are really distributed, effortlessly scalable, containerized and managed making use of Kubernetes.