Extra People Want to Enjoy This Taut Netflix Survival Thriller

Stuck in the infinite Netflix scroll? Looking for anything to truly check out, not partly observe while you might be on your mobile phone? Open up that Netflix research question now and style “Oxygen.”

Usually acknowledged as Oxygène, this 2021 French survival thriller stars Mélanie Laurent (Inglourious Basterds) as a woman trapped in a claustrophobic pod with a dwindling provide of oxygen. Her performance merged with the evocative rating and requisite twists tethered me to her dire plight for every single a single of its 101 minutes.

Oxygen builds stress suitable from the off. Our protagonist, wrapped in strange materials when lying on her back, gains consciousness. It can be dim, and a blinking red gentle illuminates her battle to crack by her creepy second skin. She emerges gasping for air.

Soon, the viewers is aware a couple extra items about this blue-eye, blonde-haired girl. She’s locked in a cryogenic pod and will eventually be not able to breathe. She’s also missing pretty much any helpful memory about who she is and how she ended up there.

Chatting her by means of her awful circumstance is an AI named MILO (for “Medical Interface Liaison Operator”), which gives off discouraging vibes akin to an automated telephone menu. MILO is stubborn about how Laurent’s character phrases questions, but it does guide her in some strategies. With the help/non-assistance of MILO, she desperately seeks a way out of her tight place.  

Effectively, that will not look much too very good.


A lot more perceptive viewers may well feel in another way, but I started the film as flabbergasted as Laurent’s character about what could have landed her in that pod. The answers appear in the form of massive twists. 

The secret retains viewers invested, as does the spacious sci-fi score and urgent rate.

Then there’s Laurent’s character. A motion picture entirely about a woman caught in a futuristic box desires to have a very persuasive lady in that box. I felt her terror, desperation and anger as she contended with the probability of a awful death and other exceptionally unfair aspects of her predicament. 

Mélanie Laurent is hooked up to the cryogenic pod in an image from Oxygen.

MILO is total of important information and facts.. getting them out of it is the challenging aspect. 


There are a couple of factors I failed to really like about this movie. For instance, Laurent’s trapped character tends to make no endeavor in any respect to relaxed down and preserve her life assistance (which is, of course, effortless for this viewer sitting down in a cozy chair to be annoyed about). 

During the film, Laurent’s character sees fragments of memories that do not seem to help her a lot over and above a single scene close to the incredibly conclude. And that scene is unceremonious — she demands to uncover a thing in the current and quickly just remembers it from the earlier.

But all those challenges failed to dampen my viewing encounter also considerably. In all, Oxygen did the 1 detail I constantly want a flick to do: It gripped me from the protagonist’s initial strained breath all the way by to the conclude. I might strap back again in and look at it all more than once again.