Home » From kitty toilet displays to chairs that induce Kegels: The weirdest tech from CES 2022

From kitty toilet displays to chairs that induce Kegels: The weirdest tech from CES 2022

From kitty bathroom monitors to chairs that induce Kegels: The weirdest tech from CES 2022

When it will come to off-the-wall tech, CES hardly ever disappoints. 

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This story is part of CES, wherever CNET addresses the most up-to-date news on the most extraordinary tech coming quickly.

Every 12 months, CES delivers us some of the most innovative, futuristic principles — items we count on to be speaking about for many years to occur. It also brings us technologies that is a bit out there. Solutions that make us scratch our heads and request, “What the heck impressed this?” 

To be clear, that would not necessarily mean it truly is undesirable tech, nor does it signify it truly is unexciting. They’re just the points that none of us had on our CES 2022 bingo cards. 

Pharaoh O2 therapeutic massage chair

There are massage chairs, and then there’s the Pharaoh O2 by Bodyfriend — a CES innovation honoree and quality therapeutic massage chair that appears to be like like a little something out of a futuristic initial-class flight. Bodyfriend’s other chairs start out at $2,499 and go up to $9,999, and all arrive packed with large-tech features to increase your comfort.

What forms of attributes? The Pharaoh O2’s innovation award webpage suggests that the chair makes use of sophisticated sensors to help you recuperate. We are not just speaking about back again massages, possibly. In accordance to Bodyfriend: “The perineal therapeutic massage function not only aids the blood circulation of the pelvic floor muscle groups and the perineum, it also induces the person to do Kegel routines to help maintain wellbeing.” 

Kegel-related tech is nothing new, as CNET’s Claire Reilly identified in 2017, but a chair that induces Kegel exercises seems like the initially of its sort. The item site would not explicitly say the chair is supposed for pregnant individuals, but the unique callout of perineal therapeutic massage appears like the product was built with that viewers in brain.

OWO Video game haptic VR vest

OWO Activity desires you to truly feel the games you play — not just emotionally, but physically. The wi-fi vest takes advantage of haptic technology to mimic genuine-globe sensations. Think about placing on a kind-fitting vest, almost like an athletic compression shirt, that responds to what is going on in the digital earth. In OWO’s phrases: “Our algorithm … permits us to build infinite different sensations these as the rain, a gunshot, the wind or a hug.”

The thought by itself just isn’t as strange as the decision to sandwich “gunshot” among other, gentler emotions like rain, wind and hugs. As gaming tech evolves, people today are looking for far more techniques to make them come to feel far more immersive, and a haptic vest is just the most up-to-date end on that quest. OWO Video game is also noticeably sleeker than haptic vests we’ve noticed in the previous.


If you’ve got at any time imagined video games would be more exciting if you felt like you ended up getting shot, OWO has you coated.


Petnow noseprint ID for canines

Humans can use fingerprints as unique identifiers, but dogs’ paw pads absence the exclusive capabilities (and handbook dexterity) that would let us fingerprint them. Besides Petnow has uncovered a way to do without the need of obtaining your pup to high-5 a tablet — just acquire a photograph of that wonderful snoot alternatively.

Canine noses have distinctive styles of ridges and bumps, and Petnow works by using neural networks to recognize them. The tech even earned a CES Innovation Award honor in application and cell applications. And Petnow is placing the technology to realistic use: “With highly developed identification technology-powered registration procedure for canine with their nose prints, Petnow aims to establish a planet without having lost or deserted puppies.”

Maicat AI-enabled robocat

Robotic pets have been around considering that at minimum 2000, when Poo-Chi strike shelves. Immediately after all, digital animals are a lot less expensive than owning a dwelling cat or pet dog. But Macroact wishes to convey these toys into the long run with Maicat. A “social robotic,” Maicat is designed to adapt to your property surroundings, which seems a bit like a robot vacuum with four legs and no cleansing function.

On the other hand, Maicat can do far more than just discover how not to bump into walls. Macroact suggests Maicat is “geared up with encounter-, voice and emotion-recognition” and “able of examining and analyzing cases through emotional intelligence algorithm.” Fearful you would not get the genuine cat practical experience? Not to concern, says Macroact: “Maicat reacts in a different way dependent on its individual temper and situation, avoiding repetitive [experiences].”


You will not have to clear the litter box with the Maicat robotic cat. 


PurrSong Lavvie cat monitoring tech

Cats are notorious for pretending items don’t trouble them. Fell off the couch? Walk it off like almost nothing transpired. Skipped a soar onto a countertop? Faux you weren’t interested in the initially area. In most instances, this is a harmless and humorous inclination, but when it arrives to your cat’s well being, it can be a lot more dangerous.

The PurrSong Lavvie merchandise want to get some of the guesswork out of checking your cat’s well being by checking their action and rest room routines. As CNET’s Patrick Holland wrote, “The idea is that any and all of this facts can assistance you see your cat’s every day program and, additional importantly, notice early sufficient when they break that routine.” 

It is neat and helpful technology, but “feline bathroom checking” is definitely just one of the surprises from CES this 12 months.

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PurrSong’s solutions are developed to permit you know when your cats truly feel sick, based mostly on their habits.


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