Fulfill the ‘Most Oreo Oreo’: This is Why the Cookie Acquired That Title

Asking any individual what the best Oreo is is guaranteed to encourage heated discussion amid cookie lovers. Double Stuf! Golden! Birthday Cake!

Every single of those treats continue to may possibly have a declare to staying the most effective-tasting Oreo cookie. But as of Tuesday, none of them can declare a different superlative: the Most Oreo Oreo.

So what would make an Oreo the Most Oreo Oreo? The new variety’s creme filling contains “serious Oreo grind,” in accordance to a assertion from Oreo. And you can find a lot of that filling.

Underneath, you’ll uncover all you have to have to know about the most recent — and Oreo-est — Oreo.

What makes them unique from a basic ol’ Oreo?

There’s “cookies-n-creme flavor creme” in the blend with this sandwich cookie. 

In addition, a Most Oreo Oreo is loaded “with ‘Most Stuf’ amounts of creme,” in accordance to the assertion. 

That is clearly extra creme than you would taste in a regular Oreo. But how a lot a lot more? Oreo’s web-site presents a visible, which you can review below.

Unfortunately, it does not appear like these cookies boast unprecedented ranges of filling. Oreo also launched a Most Stuf cookie in 2019.


How do I buy the Most Oreo Oreo?

The Most Oreo Oreo is stated for $5.29 (about £4.29, AU$7.51) on Oreo.com, but it isn’t going to appear to be in stock at the moment. And I am however ready to listen to back again from Oreo about accurately how numerous sandwich cookies arrive in every single package deal.

Commencing on Jan. 30, the cookie “will start rolling out on shelves nationwide,” according to the statement. 

Distinct out your cookie jar before long, simply because the Most Oreo Oreo will be readily available for a constrained time.