Google I/O 2023 live blog: Pixel Fold, Bard AI, and more


Google I/O 2023 is underway — and The Verge is reporting live from Mountain View, California. Follow along below for up to the minute coverage.

At this year’s event, we’re expecting to see Google’s normal array of announcements: new features for Maps and Photos, design tweaks to the next version of Android, and a tease of future hardware. That includes some big news for the Pixel line, where we’re expecting to see the Pixel 7A and the long-awaited Pixel Fold.

But this year, there’s an even bigger topic that’s expected to be the center of Google’s attention: AI. Despite playing a central role in AI research, Google hasn’t had a lot of wins in terms of consumer AI products, and its Bard chatbot is off to a rough start. I/O is Google’s chance to prove that it can turn all the research and investment into tangible products that can compete with the likes of OpenAI and — I can’t believe I’m typing this — Bing.

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