Hands-On With Sony’s DualSense Edge Controller for PlayStation 5

The DualSense Edge controller is the most up-to-date accent for Sony’s PlayStation 5, and it features a large diploma of customization at an similarly higher value. The PS5’s default controller, the DualSense, acquired its identify from its ultraspecific vibration performance. The Edge is a professional-design and style controller that improves on that by making it possible for gamers extra alternatives to fine-tune their inputs and, as Sony describes, “craft [their] individual unique gaming expertise tailored to [their] playstyle.” Nonetheless, this increased customization won’t occur affordable.

While a regular PS5 controller will value you all over $70, the new DualSense Edge, which arrives with some components, is $200. Alongside the controller itself, the box contains a carrying case with a go-as a result of window to allow for charging, a USB-C cable and a connector housing to protected it to the controller, in addition two independent possibilities for back paddles and two selections for analog stick replacements.

The DualSense and DualSense Edge controller seem extremely very similar to 1 another at initial glance. The controllers even weigh just about the identical, with the DualSense coming in at around 281 grams when the Edge is marginally a lot more at approximately 325 grams. 

The Edge attributes a textured grip on the handles that will help the controller continue to be in your hands. It also has grooves on the trigger buttons, which is awesome mainly because you can far more very easily retain your fingers in the right position. Textures and grooves aside, when the again buttons are eliminated, the controllers truly feel almost identical to use. The authentic DualSense has a notoriously short battery life, about 7 to 10 several hours. From my temporary tests, I am dissatisfied to report that the Edge arrives in at an even decreased 5 to 7 hrs. The provided USB-C is pretty extended so, luckily, I could nonetheless play online games even though the controller billed. 


More buttons, extra options 

Pro controllers give gamers a lot more possibilities for how the buttons and triggers sign up inputs. When connecting the controller to the PS5 for the first time, a welcome screen shows the diverse customization possibilities from equally a hardware and software standpoint. On the hardware aspect, players can attach both fifty percent-dome (rounded and quick) or lever (skinny and very long) back paddles to the gadget. These paddles sit near to where by the player’s center or ring fingers relaxation and can be mapped to any other input on the DualSense Edge. Initially-person shooter admirers usually use these to keep their proper thumb on the appropriate analog stick so they can goal even though nevertheless currently being ready to soar or duck (an enter usually put on the X or O encounter buttons). Though both equally paddles are relaxed to use, I like the fifty percent-dome solution given that it sits a little bit even further away and can not be as simply pressed by miscalculation. 

These again paddles are also a fantastic accessibility element. Players with very low range of motion for any of the main controller fingers (the thumbs or pointer fingers) can swap a single of those inputs to the back again of the controller where they may possibly have an much easier time pressing a button. 


The future biggest hardware tweak is in the set off buttons on leading of the controller. Upcoming to each and every set off is a mechanical switch that adjusts how a great deal the L2/R2 buttons can be pressed just before registering a complete force. Gamers can choose in between 3 ranges of movement. Admirers of twitch-primarily based online games typically prefer shorter distances so they can push more quickly and extra frequently. For example, currently being able to shoot a gun extra quickly will give Simply call of Obligation players an edge. Microsoft’s Xbox Elite controller has equivalent solutions for its triggers and paddles. 

Customizing the software program

Customization options are set by using the PS5 equipment options display screen, and the depth and deadzone customization alternatives are the most exciting. These menus can modify how quick the enter curves are for any of the controller’s analog inputs. For case in point, if you want to bodily use the complete variety of the induce buttons but want the controller to sign up that input a lot more speedily, you can good-tune that on a shockingly granular stage. This goes for the analog sticks’ movement, as effectively. In addition, you can change the deadzone (the centre section of the adhere where by the controller registers no input) to be wider. 

All of these software program selections can be saved into a consumer profile. The DualSense Edge characteristics two Fn (operate) buttons, situated beneath the analog sticks. Holding both of them down and pressing any of the face buttons will let you toggle between 4 assigned profiles. It would seem like a missed opportunity that both equally of these buttons do the identical point when held down and do not have the potential to map different commands to each individual one particular. That stated, remaining ready to swap amongst profiles midgame was pretty beneficial, especially when leaping between distinct games. For example, Fortnite and Overwatch have diverse crouch buttons, so applying the similar profile wouldn’t be valuable.


The DualSense Edge fills a hole that was lacking from PlayStation’s portfolio. The controller feels excellent and offers new and additional personalized methods for any player to hook up with a game, but its high cost suggests it only will make sense for the really focused.

This overview is in progress, and we will update with additional impressions and a online video later this week.