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Hankook wades into the long term with airless tire strategy

Hankook wades into the future with airless tire concept

Airless tires could perform a massive aspect in our long term of transportation.


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Hankook has an eye on the long term, and it like so several other companies, thinks the foreseeable future tire is wholly airless. At previous week’s CES 2022, the company discovered its long term airless tire principle identified as the i-Flex. The tire debuted alongside Hyundai Motor’s Plug & Travel module, which the Korean business equipped to its futuristic pod.

The tire functions a biometric-encouraged style and design, with multilayer interlocking “spokes” to soak up bumps, imperfections and to aid steadiness. Like any airless tire thought, there’s no possibility of a blowout, no tire tension upkeep and appears to be like so wild as opposed to the tires rolling on just about every single automobile in manufacturing nowadays.

This certain tire just isn’t precisely ready for a mass market place car, even though. It only steps 10 inches considering the fact that it was part of Hyundai’s minor pod vehicle shown at CES 2022. That’s not to say we will not ever see Hankook build an airless tire with inspiration from the i-Flex. The firm said it will continue developing long run tire ideas in the hope just one day, the airless tire is completely ready to roll. But, Michelin could defeat it to the punch. The tire maker alongside General Motors hope to have production-ready airless tires occur 2024.

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