How to Observe the ‘Flower Blood Moon’ Full Lunar Eclipse This Weekend

Get completely ready for a celestial present as a overall lunar eclipse seems on Sunday night time and early Monday early morning. This one’s evocatively acknowledged as a “blood moon” for the way the moon turns a delicate shade of purple through the party. The eclipse will be visible across a very good span of the globe.

The May perhaps full moon is at times nicknamed the flower moon for coinciding with spring in North America, so really feel no cost to connect with this a “flower blood moon” or “blood flower moon” for more pizzazz.

What is a lunar eclipse?

A lunar eclipse takes place when the Earth will get in between the sunshine and the moon and drapes its planetary shadow throughout our all-natural satellite. A total lunar eclipse comes about when the solar, Earth and moon line up just right for our planet’s shadow to completely cover the moon. Which is when it ordinarily turns a dusky pink. 

Check out out a lot more about eclipses, and how to properly perspective them, in our information. Lunar eclipses are fine to look at with the bare eye.

Examine your spot and time

The eclipse would not be noticeable just about everywhere throughout the world, so you may want a mixture of the right spot, time and weather to witness it in particular person. Most of the Americas, Europe and Africa will be ready to catch some of the motion. NASA’s visibility map highlights the ideal viewing spots.

A viewing location map highlights where the May 2022 lunar eclipse can be noticed.


You can pin down your community time by viewing Timeanddate’s eclipse webpage. For case in point, the time of maximum eclipse will appear all around 10 p.m. nearby time on Sunday, May well 15 for me in New Mexico, so I am going to want to be certain to be outdoors to catch the check out around then.

Watch a lunar eclipse livestream

Do not let site or clouds get in the way of your lunar festivities. The broad viewing place for the eclipse implies there should really be a bounty of livestreams. NASA and are on the scenario for starters. I’ll incorporate much more noteworthy livestream solutions as they turn into out there.

NASA Television set is scheduled to get started stay coverage at 8 p.m. PT on Sunday, Might 15.  

Timeanddate’s coverage will kick off at 7 p.m. PT.

The Digital Telescope Undertaking is bringing in a crew of astrophotographers to be a part of astrophysicist and host Gianluca Masi for a stream starting up at 7:15 p.m. PT on Sunday. 

A lunar eclipse can be a delicate and sublime encounter as the moon is carefully shaded right before blushing with a tinge of purple. This is hoping for obvious skies and a beautiful night for moon watching.