I Tried out ‘Friends’-Themed Conversation Heart Candies, and Oh My Gawd

The Tv set sitcom Friends finished in 2004, just about 20 many years back, nevertheless it life on in well-known culture. Young ones who were not even born when Joey, Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler and Phoebe 1st stumbled into Central Perk have hoovered up the full series, and there was enough curiosity that a 2021 reunion present was a hit for HBO Max. Could this a long time-aged display BE any extra fashionable?

Get your good friend some Good friends hearts for Valentine’s Working day, just you should not anticipate to be ready to plainly examine them all.

Gael Fashingbauer Cooper/CNET

Of course, sure it could. Sweet maker Brach’s has now unveiled Mates-themed sweet conversation hearts, and they’d appear an great present if your valentine (sorry–your “lobster”) constantly rates this kind of traces as “PIVOT!” and “We were being ON A Split!”

Brach’s despatched me a no cost sample of the Mates sweet hearts. (Brach’s is just not the only firm that makes heart-formed sugar sweet imprinted with phrases, but they’re the only kinds with the Pals relationship.) 

Though I have by no means been a lover of this individual sweet, I experienced to test them. Hey, they had to be improved than Rachel’s Thanksgiving trifle, wherever she mistakenly added a layer of beef into the classic English dessert.

‘Friends’ dialogue hearts evaluate: Sayings are blurry

I dumped out a bag of the Close friends conversation hearts — absolutely sure, to try their flavors, but largely to check out their sayings. I guess I shouldn’t have been amazed, but the printing is about as well thought out as Ross’ strategies to move a couch. Which is to say, awful. 

It truly is acquired to be challenging to print terms on very small sugar hearts, but these glimpse like they were stamped out by an impatient 4-year-old who didn’t definitely care if the whole phrase acquired everywhere close to the sweet. Letters trailed off, phrases were stamped way off on one particular side, some hearts had been blank, other wording was so faded it could not be examine.


Look, temper your anticipations. Some of the Close friends hearts will be readable and some … will never be.

Gael Fashingbauer Cooper/CNET

And I get it! This is hard! Nevertheless, pawing through the Close friends candy hearts reminded me of the Expectation vs. Truth subreddit, the place persons share pictures evaluating what a foods or other merchandise was supposed to glimpse like versus what it does glimpse like. 

The makers also experienced to pick out words and phrases or phrases that match on the very small room of a sweet coronary heart, however were very easily recognizable as getting from Buddies. 

Some ended up just names, or shortened names, like ROSS, JOEY, RCHL for Rachel, PHBE for Phoebe. I stared at MNCA for way as well long wondering it was some abbreviated demonstrate reference, then last but not least clued in it stood for Monica. CHDLR is Chandler, but honestly, considering that the D reads like an O, it appears like a misspelling of CHOLERA.

Some hearts gamely tried out to fit whole Mates catchphrases on to the sweet. The best just one is possibly PIVOT from the aforementioned couch scene, or ON A Crack, from when Ross experimented with to protect cheating on Rachel. OH MY GAWD straight away phone calls to thoughts the nasally voice of Chandler’s ex, Janice. LBSTR is effective, much too, many thanks to Phoebe declaring that R&R ended up each individual other’s lobsters, and THE 1 WITH is a awesome selection, due to the fact all the episodes were named “The 1 With…(Anything).” I also preferred HOW U DOIN, Joey’s well known catchphrase. 

And of system, a variety of the hearts arrived by means of blank, or with some thing illegible or faded stamped on them. Do not hope perfection in the candy coronary heart small business.

Flavors: Pineapple’s the finest

The new Close friends hearts claim some definitely wild flavors — cherry, watermelon, strawberry, pineapple, orange and blueberry. Cherry and orange dialogue hearts have been around in the basic conversation-heart mixes, but the other flavors are all new.


This is “The Just one With The Candy Hearts,” enjoying off the Buddies episode-naming convention.

Gael Fashingbauer Cooper/CNET

 Again, no high expectations below, as I have eaten candy hearts prior to and they do kind of flavor like tropical drywall

But the yellow pineapple flavor essentially was pretty excellent, with just an edge of that sweet tropical fruit. It was the just one color coronary heart I saved likely again to nibble.

Green is intended to be watermelon, and the tartness that is a portion of all watermelon sweet, if not the fruit by itself, certainly came across. 

Blue is blueberry, and yes, I bought a tinge of that. 

Orange hearts are orange, but just tasted like sugar. 

There are two distinct pink colorations, dark for cherry, and light-weight for strawberry. Truthfully, I couldn’t tell them apart, in colour or taste. They both type of tasted like infant aspirin.

Where to purchase Pals discussion hearts?

You can very a great deal find the Buddies hearts everywhere you go in the US now, each on the web and in grocery shops, convenience merchants and at other merchants. On the internet, I noticed them for sale at Walgreen’s, Safeway, Michael’s craft stores and other organizations. 

They are also affordable — Safeway touts a 6-ounce bag (170 grams) for just $2 (£1.62, AU$2.85). Get them shortly, nevertheless, as they are a restricted-version candy, and a rep for Brach’s tells me they’ll only be all-around by Valentine’s Working day.


No one instructed you sweet was heading to be this way. CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP!

Gael Fashingbauer Cooper/CNET

It’s likely to be tricky to, say, established a Buddies dialogue coronary heart on someone’s desk and have them be equipped to examine and fully grasp it, or even make the Mates connection at all. If you know a Close friends fanatic, greater to give them the entire bag, which takes advantage of the Close friends font and a image of a sofa to get the partnership throughout. 

Joey famously would not share food items, but you can.