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Magawa dies at 8: Heroic rat sniffed out land mines and aided preserve life

Heroic land-mine-sniffing rat Magawa dies at age 8

Magawa, the hero rat, obtained a medal for his excellent operate in support of humanity.


Heroes occur in all styles and dimensions. Magawa, an African big pouched rat experienced to detect land mines, was well known for his skill. During his job, he positioned about 100 land mines and explosives in Cambodia, where the scars of previous conflicts continue being dangerously hidden in the floor. 

Nonprofit Apopo, which breeds and trains rats like Magawa, announced his demise in a assertion on Tuesday. He had turned 8 in November. “Magawa was in excellent overall health and expended most of very last week participating in with his normal enthusiasm, but in the direction of the weekend he commenced to gradual down, napping far more and displaying fewer interest in food stuff in his final days,” Apopo mentioned.

Born in Tanzania, Magawa commenced his explosive-sniffing profession in Cambodia in 2016 and retired in 2021. He was just one of a team of rodents named HeroRats. Magawa was the most profitable functioning rat in the software, earning a prestigious PDSA Gold Medal in 2020. He was the to start with rat to obtain the honor, which recognizes animals for bravery and devotion to duty.

Magawa’s legacy lives on as Apopo’s rat plan continues. “Clearing minefields is intense, tough, hazardous function and needs accuracy and time. This is where Apopo’s animal detection methods can enhance performance and slice charges,” the group said. The clever animals, whilst massive for rats, are light-weight adequate that they will not accidentally bring about the mines. 

According to the National Pouched Rat Modern society, the animals have a lifespan of up to eight a long time. Apopo claimed Magawa died peacefully.