Meta’s avatar legs roll out to beta testers, but only in Quest Home


Meta is adding legs to Quest Avatars in Quest Home — but not Horizon Worlds in a new beta announced last week in the Meta Community forums (via UploadVR). Community manager Ryanality posted in the forums that the “Public Test Channel (PTC) for Quest v57 is starting to roll out for Meta Quest Pro and Meta Quest 2 soon,” though without specifying any new features. Then, yesterday, a forum user named TomCgcmfc reported their avatar had legs.

Users in the Meta Community forum also reported updated menus that allow hand tracking to position and use them (rather than needing direct manipulation). On Reddit, one user claimed to see improvements to both hand tracking and auto-switching between controllers and hands. NyaVR on X posted that they found code references to new settings, including an extended battery mode (via Mixed Reality News).

It’s been more than 10 months since Meta announced legs would be coming, with Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg saying at Meta Connect that legs are “probably the most requested feature.” Zuckerberg said then that the company would need to use an AI model for leg movement because tracking them with the headset’s cameras is tricky. Tricky enough, apparently, that the legs shown in the Connect keynote last year may have actually been prerecorded motion capture.

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