Meta’s Horizon Worlds gets more user moderation features with easy reporting

Meta’s new Horizon Worlds release will make it easier to block and report other users who aren’t playing nice. The new v124 release for the metaverse social platform lets players quickly access mute, block, and report functions in the user pause menu. To access the safety controls, users can hover over another person’s nameplate while pausing. A shortcut will appear to mute, block, or report them.

Meta is also adding new tutorials inside of the safety settings to teach users how to use the platform’s safety controls, including setting personal boundaries, controlling volume, changing voice modes, muting, and even polling with others to remove someone. Entering pause also now lets users more easily access sound and profile settings.

The new release comes as Meta is prepping to take Horizon Worlds outside of VR and into the hands of potentially millions more people with a new mobile version. It seems possible that Meta might talk more about that at its next Meta Connect event on September 27th. The event will include a keynote by Mark Zuckerberg, and during the show, the company is expected to reveal more details about the new Meta Quest 3, which has already been unboxed.

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