NASA Caught a ‘Sun-Diving’ Comet Crashing Into Our Star

Gravity: tough to live with it and inconceivable to envision the universe without having it. A comet received caught at the scorching conclusion of that punchline in excess of the weekend when the cosmic snowball was captured careening into the sunlight early Sunday by NASA’s Photo voltaic and Heliospheric Observatory.

“The doomed comet was pretty much absolutely a ‘Kreutz sungrazer,‘ a fragment from a huge comet that broke aside numerous centuries back,” astronomer Tony Phillips wrote for  “A swarm of these fragments orbits the solar, and every day at the very least a person receives also shut and disintegrates. Most, measuring fewer than a few meters throughout, are much too tiny to see, but once in a while a big a person like present day appeals to focus.”

The below GIF is created up of a range of pictures from SOHO captured late Saturday and early Sunday. You can see the modest comet unable to resist the intense gravitational pull of our star in the decrease proper quadrant. As the clock turns above to Sunday, it can be viewed disappearing into the disc of the sunlight, which is blocked by SOHO’s coronagraph to avoid hurt to the instrument. 

A comet can be noticed crashing into the sun’s reduced correct limb in this animation choose from NASA’s photo voltaic observatory. 


Since absolutely nothing arrives out the other side of the solar, it truly is honest to presume this sungrazer was absolutely vaporized by the intensive warmth. 

The animation also offers an exciting snapshot of just how tumultuous the solar is suitable now as it techniques a peak in sunspot activity someday involving now and 2025: an evident coronal mass ejection can be viewed erupting from the other side of the solar as the comet is racing to its demise. 

Most comets are imagined to originate from the outer edges of our photo voltaic program in a chilly, darkish region identified as the Oort cloud. Lots of are on really lengthy orbital paths that deliver them by way of the internal photo voltaic method and nearer to us only after each individual handful of decades, centuries or even lengthier. 

But this distinct unnamed comet has designed its ultimate take a look at to our neighborhood. Rest in (obliterated) pieces, buddy.