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NASA’s Mars helicopter set for challenging takeoff with initial flight of 2022

Mars milestone: NASA Ingenuity helicopter survives first cold night alone

The Ingenuity helicopter will land in a common-wanting location. It captured a watch of its foreseeable future landing zone throughout Flight 9.


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It truly is a new yr on Earth, and there is also loads to look ahead to on Mars in 2022. NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter is receiving prepared to consider its initial flight of the year, and its 19th flight in general. The Ingenuity team anticipates takeoff could be tricky due to the terrain it can be sitting on.

Flight 19 is scheduled to just take put no before than Friday. The amazing rotorcraft has extended outlived its expected five-flight lifespan and continues to purpose effectively in the severe problems of the Jezero Crater.

Just about every flight on Mars is a small wonder. The chopper’s 1st flight proved it could work. The subsequent flights tested its abilities. The latest flights have been in provider of its companion Perseverance rover. “The present-day mission goal is to access the Jezero river delta to assist the Perseverance rover in path organizing and scientific discovery,” Ingenuity pilot Martin Cacan wrote in a position update on Tuesday.    

Flight 19, which is scheduled to very last for about 100 seconds, won’t always be easy. “Even though quick, the flight has a difficult get started because of to featureless sandy terrain that the helicopter at the moment sits on,” Cacan wrote. Ingenuity utilizes a navigation digital camera to aid it keep track of its locale. The terrain triggered some warnings for the duration of the landing approach for Flight 18, but the staff hopes updates to Ingenuity’s parameters will enable for a cleanse ascent.  

Ingenuity and Perseverance have established to be really the buddy staff because landing on Mars in early 2021. The new 12 months will be loaded with exploration and scientific experiments as the rover carries on to roll and obtain rock samples and the helicopter plays scout from the air.

To get an thought of what Ingenuity looks like when it can be soaring more than Mars, look at out this enjoyable NASA video of its Flight 13.