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Netflix’s Hot Beasts episode 3 recap: ‘Are you a nerd or a sizzling nerd?’

Netflix's Sexy Beasts episode 3 recap: 'Dolphin facts'

Kariselle at the Hot Beasts Manor, breaking hearts.


In episode 3 of Alluring Beasts, it is really pure pandemonium! 

Sorry. Could not resist. Kariselle, a pageant lady and bash motivator (I will not know what that is either) from New Jersey, is entering the Sexy Beasts relationship arena as a panda. Pandas have adequate challenges mating, so we’ll see wherever this goes. “I’m plainly carrying out this courting thing all completely wrong,” she says. I think her mom is again in Jersey nodding forlornly. Kariselle is a great deal, as they say — and as she states herself. But excellent information, folks: Her psychic mentioned all this would happen.

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Her first suitor is Ethan, a maritime biologist from Dallas, whose Tin Guy disguise is already rusting from the salt h2o publicity. He can maintain his breath for 4 minutes and understands Dolphin Facts™.

Then there’s Tyler, a model AND safety guard from Los Angeles. He’s an alien who fees his individual temperament as a 9.9999 out of 10. 

Josh, on the other hand, is an engineer from Atlanta built up to be a bull. He needs a lover who’s also into Marvel and Star Wars and can match his Funko Pop collection. Fail to remember aligning on values or life aims. It truly is Funko Pops, gentleman. 

As the speed day round commences, Ethan presents Kariselle a truth about pandas (he is received Panda Points ™ way too, females), and she asks Josh if he is a nerd or a very hot nerd. Then matters go off the rails with Ethan as Kariselle describes herself as equally a lunatic and a psychopath. “You haven’t witnessed my Google research background nevertheless,” she tells him when he nervously asks her why, eyes flitting to the camera for a 2nd, as nevertheless begging for support. 

Kariselle oscillates between conversing about how all set she is to get a major marriage rolling (“We are going to be 30 before you know it.” “What age do you want children?”) to saying matters like “Ever have a threesome?” And “What if I was like I want you to f*ck me in this (panda mask)??”) She’s the chaos this display promised. 

Finally, they head again to the Manor and she dispenses with Ethan, who’s overjoyed to escape her. 

Submit Manor, Kariselle and Tyler go ax throwing. “Can you set up with insane?” asks the wild-eyed panda in the leather-based jacket. He is, shockingly, not terrified by this. On the flip aspect, she inquires, all through their zoo date, regardless of whether Josh has health and fitness coverage. Probably dirty chat in late-stage capitalism appears like this: $20 co-pays. Free bi-annual tooth cleanings. $100 off frames. Can we dial down the spice, Netflix? 

For not the initial or very last time, the daters have to navigate wine eyeglasses although donning prosthetics on their faces, and I ponder if it would eliminate the producers to get them some straws.

In the long run, nevertheless, scorching nerd Josh and his coverage card are not ample for Kariselle. But she pretty much cries at the sight of his experience, which feels like a very poor omen for Tyler. Just imagine of a Funko Pop that could’ve been. 

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