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NFT quantity, DAOs and the curious scenario of LooksRare – TechCrunch

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Like you, I test NFT marketplace quantity a couple times every working day to keep tabs on the burgeoning market for acquiring and advertising electronic signatures on different blockchains that issue to photographs and the like. We’re pretty neat.

Typically, the information is regular. OpenSea volumes are inclined to direct the area, with other, more compact NFT exchanges and some crypto games filling in the listing. You can consider a appear at DappRadar’s NFT marketplace knowledge established below, a relevant listing of numbers from NonFungible listed here, and some fantastic charted facts from The Block in this article, if you want to dive in on your possess.

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But just lately the details modified, and an NFT market known as LooksRare shot up on the charts, swiftly surpassing OpenSea’s final results and using the top rated slot amid its competition in quantity terms.

Is OpenSea in trouble? Did LooksRare abruptly surge to the top of the charts thanks to a much better design, price record or other business work? Kinda, but it seems that there’s a large amount of bullshit heading down to make the numbers appear better than they are. So let us communicate about incentives and governance tokens to parse out what’s up with LooksRare and the much larger upcoming of the financialization of anything.


The information is rather amusing. In the past 24 hours, LooksRare has observed just beneath $290 million value of NFT trades, per DappRadar knowledge. OpenSea’s 24-hour tally is a more modest $131.6 million. Presented how considerably ahead of OpenSea that single data position places LooksRare, have we observed a new market king topped? No.