Nintendo Live 2023 starts September 1st in Seattle, and the tickets are free


Nintendo Live 2023 is going to be a free event, and there are two ways to get tickets. You can register in a randomly selected drawing on Nintendo’s website at some point between May 31st and June 22nd, where you could get a one-day pass for a group of up to six people.

Kids under the age of six don’t need their own ticket, but the person registering must be a US resident who is over 18 and has a Nintendo account. It’s taking place alongside the PAX West event but will require separate tickets.

However, if you’re attending PAX West, there’s a separate drawing you can enter to receive a free ticket, which will allow one person access to the Nintendo event. According to Nintendo’s FAQ, there’s no waitlist for tickets and walk-up tickets will not be available, so anyone hoping to attend will need to register via one of these drawings or maybe earn their way in via competitive tournaments playing Mario Kart 8 or Splatoon 3.

The site isn’t specific about what kind of spectacles attendees should expect or how it’ll top last year’s Animal Crossing + Splatoon live concert. Nintendo says it isn’t announcing any new products at the event but confirmed a live stage, photo ops with iconic characters, opportunities to play Switch games, and an on-site store with exclusive merchandise.

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