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Pokemon Excellent Diamond and Shining Pearl: How to get fossils

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl: How to get fossils

Cranidos is a person of the fossil Pokemon you can get in Outstanding Diamond and Shining Pearl.

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Although most wild Pokemon in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl can be uncovered in tall grass and caves, there are a couple of prehistoric monsters that can only be obtained a specific way: reviving them from fossils. These, on the other hand, only look in the Grand Underground, and they can be a bit tricky to get your hands on, so this is a rundown on how to get fossils and revive them.

Exactly where to get Pokemon fossils

There are two fossil Pokemon in Amazing Diamond and Shining Pearl: Cranidos and Shieldon. The former is a pure rock variety and is revived from the Cranium Fossil, when the latter is rock/metal and is revived from the Armor Fossil.

Unlike other Pokemon video games, which ordinarily let you choose involving the two fossils at a certain position in the story, the one particular you receive in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl is identified by which edition you might be taking part in. The Skull Fossil is only discovered in Outstanding Diamond, even though the Armor Fossil is distinctive to Shining Pearl.

The fossils on their own are also a bit trickier to obtain than in other Pokemon online games. Rather than just obtaining one from a certain character, you may need to excavate the fossils on your own from the Grand Underground — a sprawling community of tunnels beneath Sinnoh’s surface area. The moment you have acquired the Explorer Kit from the Underground Guy in Eterna Town, you can use it to vacation to the Grand Underground at will, wherever you can dig up fossils and other treasures.

Immediately after you’ve got obtained the Countrywide Dex, you’ll also be in a position to discover other Pokemon fossils, such as the Old Amber, in the Grand Underground.

How to excavate fossils

Fossils are among the various treasures you can find even though mining walls in the Grand Underground, so your best opportunity to get them is to be persistent and mine frequently. Push the R button when checking out the Grand Underground to use the radar. After you’ve spotted a glowing wall, interact with it to start off the mining minigame.


You’ll require to engage in a mining minigame to excavate fossils and other treasures.

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The minigame by itself is a minor reminiscent of Minesweeper. Tapping on diverse elements of the wall with your hammer or pickax will clear that section out and likely reveal a treasure underneath. Nonetheless, every faucet will lessen the wall’s structural integrity, so you will will need to carefully take into consideration which elements of the wall to tap. If you locate a treasure, you should expose it completely right before the wall collapses to accumulate it.

How to revive fossils

The moment you have acquired a Pokemon fossil, consider it to the Mining Museum in Oreburg City. Converse to the gentleman at the reception desk and he’ll inquire if you’d like to revive the fossil. Hand the fossil more than, then the following time you stop by the facility, you will be ready to declare your Pokemon.

Pokemon Excellent Diamond and Shining Pearl are now offered for Nintendo Switch. Everyone who purchases a copy of possibly video game can receive a free of charge Manaphy egg via Thriller Reward. Players who have information for Pokemon Sword/Shield and Let’s Go, Pikachu/Eevee can also obtain a no cost Jirachi and Mew.