Pokemon Go Heatran tutorial: Finest counters, weaknesses and moves

Heatran has returned to 5-star raids for a constrained time.


Heatran is back in Pokemon Go for a limited time. The famous fire/metal Pokemon is showing up in 5-star raid battles until eventually Jan. 15, creating this a good chance to catch a single if you’ve previously skipped it. Not only that, but you can find also a probability the Heatran you encounter will be Shiny. Below are some recommendations to help you conquer and capture the legendary Pokemon before it leaves raids all over again.

Heatran Raid Hours

Heatran raids will happen periodically from Jan. 7 to Jan. 15, but your finest likelihood to catch the legendary Pokemon will appear on Jan. 12, in the course of Pokemon Go’s Raid Hour occasion. From 6 to 7 p.m. neighborhood time that evening, most gyms will be hosting Heatran raids, giving you a lot more chances to challenge and probably capture the legendary Pokemon.

Heatran weaknesses

As a fire/metal kind, Heatran is primarily susceptible to floor Pokemon. Ground-sort attacks deal 4 moments the harm to Heatran, creating these your best option when battling the legendary. If you do not have numerous floor Pokemon on your workforce, h2o and preventing Pokemon are also super-helpful against Heatran.

Most effective Heatran counters

Below are some encouraged Pokemon and movesets to use versus Heatran:


  • Groudon: Mud Shot, Earthquake
  • Rhyperior: Mud-Slap, Earthquake
  • Garchomp: Mud Shot, Earth Energy
  • Golurk: Mud-Slap, Earth Electricity
  • Landorus: Mud Shot, Earth Electric power

Drinking water

  • Mega Blastoise: Water Gun, Hydro Cannon
  • Mega Gyarados: Waterfall, Hydro Pump
  • Swampert: Water Gun, Hydro Cannon
  • Kyogre: Waterfall, Surf
  • Samurott: Waterfall, Hydro Cannon


  • Machamp: Counter, Dynamic Punch
  • Poliwrath: Rock Smash, Dynamic Punch
  • Hariyama: Counter, Dynamic Punch
  • Mega Lopunny: Very low Kick, Aim Blast
  • Conkeldurr: Counter, Dynamic Punch

Greatest moves for Heatran

Heatran’s move pool is just not pretty deep, so you can expect to get the most out of the famous Pokemon if you target on its hearth assaults. In particular, Heatran will be most successful in battle if you instruct it the Quickly Attack Hearth Spin and the Billed Attack Flamethrower. Alternatively, you can educate it the metal-type Billed Assault Iron Head to make it a strong counter towards fairy-sort Pokemon.

Heatran is showing in raids right up until Jan. 15, when it will be replaced by Genesect. You can catch up on almost everything else going on in Pokemon Go this month in our January events roundup