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RCN and 4 Other ISPs Morph into Astound Broadband

RCN and 4 Other ISPs Morph into Astound Broadband

Astound Broadband

5 regional online provider providers will on Wednesday be unified less than the new identify, Astound Broadband. Digital West, enTouch, Grande, RCN and Wave merge to boast protection in 8 of the top 10 metro places across the country and 10 distinct states.

“This is possibly the worst-kept top secret in the industry,” Jim Holanda, CEO of Astound Broadband, advised CNET about the start. “Provided the fact that most of our press releases referred to us as Astound Broadband around the last year and 50 percent, I imagine people today have seen it coming. But we are fired up to get it formalized and unite all our manufacturers under this aspirational umbrella.”

Astound Broadband addresses some of the biggest towns in the US, which include Austin, Texas Boston Chicago Dallas Houston New York Town Philadelphia Portland, Oregon San Francisco, Seattle and Washington, DC. 

Image of Astound Broadband van

You can count on to see much more of an Astound Broadband existence in some of the top markets in the nation.

Astound Broadband

Even though Astound Broadband will be foremost the demand shifting ahead, Holanda included that the regional brands will nevertheless be involved in this new evolution of the corporation. For instance, marketplaces in the northeastern US will slide under Astound Broadband run by RCN, and so forth.

“Our brands are highly effective, with a ton of great name behind them,” Holanda reported. “We never want to get rid of that as a perform of this adjust.” 

In 2021, Astound bought Harris Broadband, a fiber-to-the-residence company in central Texas, as perfectly as 3 markets from WideOpenWest — Chicago Evansville, Indiana and Anne Arundel County, Maryland — to incorporate to its portfolio. 

Even though those new markets will not likely be absolutely included into Astound Broadband till sometime in mid-2022 (possibly June or July, is Holanda’s guess), their inclusion delivers Astound up to close to 1.2 million residential and small business net subscribers with close to 15% fiber-to-the-dwelling protection in full. 

In general, Astound Broadband is out there in sections of California, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas and Washington. It also handles Washington, DC.