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See if you can place Godzilla in this NASA graphic of a nebula

See if you can spot Godzilla in this NASA image of a nebula

NASA’s Spitzer telescope spotted a nebula that looks like it could rise up out of the ocean and flatten a city if it felt like it.


Halloween is coming and NASA has monsters on the brain. The agency’s Spitzer Place Telescope captured a beautiful look at of a nebula whole of gasoline and dust. Caltech astronomer Robert Damage, who performs with Spitzer pictures, observed something much more than a area sight. He noticed Godzilla.

“I was not hunting for monsters,” Hurt claimed in a NASA JPL statement this week. “I just occurred to glance at a location of sky that I have browsed quite a few periods in advance of, but I’d never zoomed in on. Sometimes if you just crop an location otherwise, it provides out anything that you did not see prior to. It was the eyes and mouth that roared ‘Godzilla’ to me.”  

NASA JPL produced a handy outlined version of the nebula to spotlight the Godzilla-like attributes. The nebula is in the constellation Sagittarius. Spitzer — which was retired in 2020 — saw the cosmos in infrared. The different hues in the picture depict unique wavelengths of gentle. 

If spooky space imagery is your jam, you will want to try out out the Spitzer Artistronomy web page, which allows you draw your personal imagined layouts onto scenic house objects.

Spitzer may no lengthier be energetic, but the telescope’s science legacy is alive and very well. “I search for persuasive locations that can actually inform a tale,” Harm mentioned. “From time to time it’s a story about how stars and planets type, and often it really is about a giant monster rampaging by way of Tokyo.”