Sorry, NASA Did not Location a Mystery Doorway on Mars

This story is portion of Welcome to Mars, our series discovering the red earth.

You know what I’d love? Definitive proof of alien lifestyle on Mars. Give me tentacle monsters, a civilization of aliens dwelling in underground bunkers. Make my sci-fi fantasies arrive correct. A latest NASA Curiosity rover picture of an odd rock development on the pink earth has led to some enjoyable speculation, but it is really not proof of alien action. Drat. 

Goofy Mars rocks are the spice of daily life for me, and this 1 is a delight. I came across it Tuesday in a due to the fact-removed Reddit dialogue asking what might have brought on a doorway-like cutout on the aspect of a Mars hill. The look at comes from a collection of raw photographs captured by Curiosity’s mast-mounted digital camera on May perhaps 7.

A mosaic check out of Mars from Curiosity places the “doorway” into context.

NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS/Crimson circle by Amanda Kooser/CNET

UFO debunker UFO of Fascination tackled the picture of what appears to be like like “an entrance to a key underground tunnel” by sharing a broader search at the landscape. “Watching it in context as section of the full mosaic, we can see that minor niche in a rock with other blocks, fractures, designs and other erosive options all over that rock encounter,” UFO of Curiosity tweeted on Wednesday.

Mars photographs can be tough. A funkily eroded rock can glimpse like a fish. A back again-lit cliff can seem like the profile of a face. Cropped shots and zoomed-in sights can make small attributes appear to be significant. The “doorway” may be absolutely unremarkable if the shadows took place to be falling at a distinct angle. 

This is not meant to discourage the joy at acquiring strange-formed rocks and landscape attributes on Mars. We certainly need to revel in butt cracks and Zen gardens and whimsical arches. But most likely what is actually most magical is that we have a wheeled robotic tootling about in the Gale Crater, beaming again photographs from another planet.