The Puzzling ‘House of the Dragon’ Episode 6 Trailer Defined

Household of the Dragon delivered a bloody episode 5. But if you stayed after the credits to capture a preview of episode 6, you may possibly have felt baffled. Instantly, new actors are participating in major roles and the plot has leapfrogged yrs into the potential. What in the Westeros is going on right here?

Spoilers forward, in a natural way.

How much did the present leap in time?

The preview starts off with a dragon traveling, and then a member of the king’s Small Council indicating, “We ought to tackle the most recent progress in the Stepstones.” Hold out, did not Prince Daemon previously handily do that by reducing the Crabfeeder in 50 percent? Ohhh, wait, this isn’t a rerun. The Stepstones are providing Viserys ulcers when yet again. 

Queen Alicent, now played by Olivia Cooke, age 28, instead of Emily Carey, 19, helpfully tells us it is really been a decade because Daemon fought that battle, and he’s because remaining the area undefended. Was this … meant to be his long-lasting position likely ahead? Isn’t going to depart a whole lot of time for murdering wives and fooling all-around with nieces. But what we acquire from this: It can be about 10 yrs in the long run, so get prepared to see your favored and minimum favourite characters aged, and in some scenarios, recast.

New Rhaenyra and Alicent, identical previous feud

The digital camera then cuts to Princess Rhaenyra, previously performed by Milly Alcock, 22, and now performed by Emma D’Arcy, 30. From the way Rhaenyra corrects her queen and previous BFF, and the way Alicent cocks her head and presents Rhaenyra the dying stare, it appears to be like they have not mended their friendship above the previous 10 a long time.

Prolonged are living the King

Hey! That’s King Viserys at the table, right? Still played by Paddy Considine. And whilst he seems in have to have of some creme rinse, and is hunting quite feeble, at least he is not lifeless, which is astonishing thinking about how scarred up he was having. How numerous fingers am I holding up, Your Highness? Individuals leeches should know their company.

Aegon grows up

Then, Larys Strong, the gentleman with the clubfoot who spilled the tea about the pregnancy-blocking moon tea in episode 5, is listened to asking, “What are kids but a weakness?” I presently detest this person, Littlefinger-fashion.

Even now, his line is the great direct-in to our introduction to the subsequent technology of Targaryens. We see a young Targaryen, probably Alicent’s next son, Aemond, encountering a dragon. Then we see now-teenaged Aegon, initially son of Viserys and Alicent, and the royal family member a great deal of the kingdom needs to provide as Viserys’ heir — merely due to the fact he is a male and Rhaenyra is not. (Aegon is now played by Tom Glynn-Carney, which should not be a big adjustment considering the fact that we hardly obtained to see the child actor playing him before this.) He’s currently being experienced to battle (his opponent might be Rhaenyra’s son?) and Aegon looks quite cocky. 

He’s also carrying eco-friendly, the shade of his mother’s house, as we listen to her say, “You will be our king.” Would seem like she’s taken a cue from her father, Otto, and is now pushing her son to the throne, not her aged pal Rhaenyra.

Rhaenyra’s a mother

Rhaenyra wed Laenor Velaryon in episode 5, shortly after the the princess’ protector, Ser Criston Cole, conquer the man Laenor really liked to demise at a pre-relationship celebration absent bloody. The pair agreed they’d discover sexual intercourse somewhere else, and it does appear to be from the preview that quite a few people in the kingdom imagine Rhaenyra’s toddlers are not her husband’s organic offspring. 

What’s much more, she’s observed keeping a baby following to a young boy. Her kids will not have the shocking Targaryen blond hair she and Laenor both of those have they have brown hair as an alternative. Would seem like that’s what Queen Alicent is sputtering about when she claims, “To have one particular boy or girl like that is a error, to have a few is an insult.” 

So when you see a darkish-haired kid, it is really most likely Rhaenyra’s, and the young blonds are Alicent’s. A person of Rhaenyra’s sons utters the famed “Dracarys!” command and his dragon lights an individual up. I imagine it is a goat, not a individual, but either way … ouch!

Marriage is all in the spouse and children

We also see a mom and daughter who show up to be a pregnant Laena Velaryon and her baby. Laena has been recast and aged far too, and is now played by Nanna Blondell. And who’s her spouse, found using dragons with her? It positive seems to be to be Prince Daemon (Matt Smith). Yes, they’re relevant. Indeed, they wed and experienced kids in any case, like practically anyone else on this clearly show. V.C. Andrews has nothing on George R.R. Martin. Also, you should not get in their way, because this is just one couple that’ll cease at practically nothing to get whatever they want.

Ser Criston switches sides

Ser Criston Cole (Fabien Frankel) began as Rhaenyra’s protector, then killed her husband’s lover at her marriage ceremony, and now he could be on the side of Queen Alicent, who talked him out of killing himself in the Godswood at the finish of episode 5. He’s observed combating Ser Harwin Potent (Ryan Corr), aka Harwin Breakbones, observed for his strength. If Ser Harwin is now Rhaenyra’s protector, this could be basically an Alicent-Rhaenyra proxy battle proper below. Stay tuned.

Episode 6 of Home of the Dragon will air on Sept. 25 on HBO Max.